HC extended the stay order on the actress attack case; The petitions will be considered by the court on the 16th

actress attack case

Kochi: The High Court has extended the stay order in the case of attacking the actress for ten days. The court’s action was based on the circumstances under which the lawyer handling the case was quarantined. Meanwhile, the court will consider the petitions of the actress and the government to change the trial court on the 16th.

Earlier, a bench headed by Justice VG Arun had stayed the trial, accepting the prosecution’s demand that the trial be stayed. The trial was adjourned until Friday. The order has now been extended for another ten days.

The High Court is intervening as the hearing of witnesses is about to begin in the trial court. The trial court rejected the prosecution’s plea to change the trial court.

The prosecution had asked the judge to investigate whether he was willing to proceed with the trial. The prosecution in the case could not go one step further. Normally such a petition would never come up. But now there is no other execution. The prosecution is not told what the forensic examination result will be.

The prosecution is kept in the dark. The judge called directly to the lab and inquired into the evidence. The court does not record the prosecution’s arguments. The prosecution said many documents were not provided.

On the day of her interrogation, the eighth accused Dileep ‘s lawyer asked her difficult questions but the court did not intervene and the judge remained a silent spectator and did not record many of her statements. The petition alleges that the court ignored the prosecution’s repeated requests. The government’s plea to change the court is also in the high court.The actress had pointed out that many witnesses were ready to come to the court and the court did not intervene despite the difficulty of many of the witnesses. The court said the actress’ affidavit and government documents were received in a sealed cover. The High Court is considering the pleas of the actress and the government that justice will not be served by the trial court and that the court should be changed. The petition alleges that the trial court acted in a partisan manner.