Can change SSLC examination centers till today 5 pm

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Thiruvananthapuram: Students who need a change at the SSLC exam centers can apply online until 5 pm today. Earlier, the deadline for applications was March 12. The application date has been extended following the extension of the general examinations to April.

Applications can be submitted by 5 pm today (March 17). Students who are unable to write the exam at their center in the wake of the Covid crisis have the opportunity to choose a convenient exam center. Students who do not have access to Pre-Metric or Post-Metric Hostel, Model Residential School Hostel, various Government Shelters and Sport’s Hostel, and students stranded abroad due to the Covid crisis in Lakshadweep and other districts will have the opportunity to switch examination centers. No change of examination center will be allowed within the district. You can apply through the website The list of new examination centers allotted to the candidates will be published on the website. For more information: 0471 2546833, 2546832