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Spouse murder case; Accused Aftab’s custody extended

New Delhi:  The custody of Aftab, the accused in the case of killing his partner and disposed of in Delhi, has been extended by four more days. The Saket court accepted the request of the Mehrauli police to conduct a polygraph test on the accused.

At the same time, the police informed the court that the collection of evidence is yet to be completed and other tests including narco are also to be conducted. The accused told the court that he would fully cooperate with the investigation and that he could not remember exactly where the remains were deposited. The accused told the court that the killing was not deliberate and was done in the circumstances at that time.

On May 18, 28-year-old Aftab Poonawala, her boyfriend, killed Shraddha Walker and cut her into pieces and kept them in the fridge. Agarbathy and fresheners were kept inside the room to prevent bad smells. The body parts, which were kept in the fridge for three weeks, were dumped in different parts of the city within 18 days.

Aftab had admitted to the police that he understood everything by looking on the internet. The police found Shraddha’s body a month after she was killed. Shraddha’s blood-stained clothes were dumped in the municipal garbage dump. Only ten body parts were found in the Meharoli forest near the apartment where they lived.

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