HomeNewsHouthi Missile attack in Yemen; 75 soldiers were killed

Houthi Missile attack in Yemen; 75 soldiers were killed


Aden: At least 75 soldiers have been killed in the Houthi attack on the Yemeni Marib. The Houthis launched a missile attack on the military base. The Yemen government has also announced that there are Houthi behind the attack. Reports indicate that drones were also involved in the attack.

Reports say the death toll has reached 80. Fifty people were injured. The Houthis attacked a mosque near a military base in Maribh on Saturday night. Yemeni President Abdurab Mansour Hadi has advised to be vigilant in case of an attack and to prepare for war if necessary.

“This attack indicates that the Houthis do not want peace,” he said. This is an attack by the cowards. He also criticized the Houthis for making Iran an invaluable tool in the region. Meanwhile, the Houthis have not claimed responsibility for the attack. Abdu Rabb seized power in Yemen with the support of Saudi Arabia in March 2015. Since then, the army and the Houthis have been under constant attack.

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