Asianet Announces New Serial “Janakiyudeyum Abhiyudeyum Veedu”

Janakiyudeyum Abhiyudeyum Veedu time

Asianet is delighted to unveil its latest serial, “Janakiyudeyum Abhiyudeyum Veedu,” a heartwarming and dramatic portrayal of family dynamics and relationships. The new series is scheduled to premiere on June 17th, 2024, and will air every Monday to Friday at 9 PM.
“Janakiyudeyum Abhiyudeyum Veedu” centers around the Alakapuri house, home to Suryanarayan and Prabhavati, along with their four children: Abhiram, Ajay, Amal, and Amrita. As the eldest son, Abhiram holds a significant position in both the Alakapuri household and the SuryaPrabha (SP) organization. His wife, Janaki, is the heart of the family, adeptly maintaining harmony and unity like pearls on a string. They share a four-year-old daughter, Ponnu, and the family enjoys a peaceful and happy life.

The tranquility of the Alakapuri house faces challenges when Ajay and Amal get married, and their new wives enter the household. The series beautifully explores the evolving dynamics and the impact of these new relationships on the family.

Mark your calendars for the premiere of “Janakiyudeyum Abhiyudeyum Veedu” on June 17th, 2024, at 9 PM on Asianet. Join us every Monday to Friday to witness the engaging story of the Alakapuri family.