COVID patients reach 9, 000 in India; Death 273; The center says it is making additional preparations


New Delhi: The COVID affected people in the country have crossed 8,000. According to the Ministry of Health, 8,447 people are affected by the disease. Death 273. Unofficial estimates of patients 8,783. 909 new cases and 34 deaths reported within 24 hours in the country.

A total of 716 people recovered. Since 20% of patients require intensive care treatment, the center is making additional preparations. One and a half lakhs of beds are available in 601 COVID hospitals. More caution is being exercised in case of a return of the virus in China, Japan, and South Korea.

More cases in Maharashtra and Delhi

134 new cases registered in Maharashtra. 113 recorded in the city of Mumbai. Total of 1895 COVID cases reported in Mumbai itself. COVID confirmed to 54-year-old Dharavi. 15 new cases in Dharavi Total 43. Two deaths reported in Pune.

1069 cases in Delhi. Death 19. COVID hotspots 34.

Meanwhile, India’s first batch of hydroxychloroquine drugs reached in the US.