Covid cure in the country has reached 90 percent and mortality has come down


New Delhi: Covid has confirmed 50,129 more people in India in the last 24 hours. This brings the total number of cases in the country to 78,64,811. In a single day, another 578 people died from the disease. The total death toll was 1,18,534. According to the Ministry of Health, 6,68,154 people are currently in treatment. So far 70,78,123 people have been cured.

The cure rate in the country is 90%. In the last 24 hours, 62,077 people were cured. The Union Ministry of Health said that there have been less than 1,000 consecutive deaths in the country in the last week. Maharashtra has the highest number of reported cases so far.The total number of cases in Maharashtra was 16,38,961. Andhra Pradesh reported 8,04,026 cases and Karnataka 7,98,378 cases. In Tamil Nadu, 7,06,136 people are affected. A total of 4,68,238 cases were reported in Uttar Pradesh and 3,86,087 in Kerala.