Harley-Davidson comes with an electric bicycle ” Serial 1 “


New York: Luxury bike maker Harley-Davidson is launching an electrically assisted bicycle. Harley-Davidson Serial 1 Premium E-Bike announced by the company. This is the first model of the brand new e-bikes. Serial 1 has a style reminiscent of Harley-Davidson board racers. The name Serial 1 evokes nostalgia for the first ‘Serial Number One’ Harley-Davidson motorcycle, built-in 1903. The classic lines of the Serial 1 e-bike with white tires make it look like a classic motorcycle.

‘When Harley-Davidson first powered two-wheelers in 1903, it changed the way the world moved forever. Inspired by the entrepreneurial perspective of the founders of Harley-Davidson, we look forward to seeing how cyclists and cycling-curiosities and their surroundings will change the world with Serial 1 bicycles, ” said Aaron Frank, brand director of Serial 1 Cycle Company.

Features of the Harley-Davidson Series 1 have not been fully revealed. The conclusion is that it is a mid-drive motorbike with a belt drive system. Battery and LED lights are integrated into the frame. It has disc brakes at both ends and a stylish gloss-black paint scheme. With this, Harley-Davidson is entering the pedal-assisted bicycle market. The new Harley-Davidson Series 1 e-bike is expected to hit the market in March 2021. It is offered under the Serial 1 bicycle brand founded by Harley-Davidson to enter the e-mobility business. Harley-Davidson already has a full-size electric cruiser in Livewire.