Bajaj Quadricycle Qute Launched on the Market


Bajaj’s Quadricycle Qute (cute) will soon be replaced by the  Auto Rickshow. The final approval from the Automatic Research Association of India (ARAI) gets, cute will soon reach the Indian market.

The transmission is a 5 speed self-confident gearbox. The total length of the vehicle is 2752 mm, but the width is 1312 mm. The cute has a 1652mm high and 1925 mm wheelbase. Weights are 400 kg.

Cute is the four-wheel drive vehicle that replaces 3 wheel auto rickshaws. While the Indian market has not yet been able to meet its presence, Bajaj Auto is exporting around 12 countries in Russia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Poland and Turkey.

At a time four passengers can make travel in the cute. The price of the cute will be below than 1.50 lakhs in the Indian market. The 216 cc single cylinder watercourt for valve petrol engine is being sold in the market. It has a maximum of 13 BHP power and 20 Nm torque engine. The queue will also be available in CNG variants. The maximum speed is 70 km per hour.

Bajaj’s cute, the first small car showcase at the 2012 Auto Expo, has crossed over many of the challenges. According to a new report, the cute (RE60) is expected to hit the market in the next 3-6 months. Cute is getting ready to make his debut in the country six years after he has overcome all the obstacles posed by security reasons.