Friday 26 Apr, 2019

Summer drinks

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summer drinks in kerala

Summer is intensifying in Kerala. So it’s the time of cool drinks…Here are some healthy and tasty summer drinks

Karikkin Sarbathu

Milk-1 cup

Tender coconut- cut into small pieces 1 cup

Tender coconut water- 2 cups



Grind the tender coconut and coconut water in a mixer grinder .Then pour it into a jar and add milk and sugar. It it’s too thick, add some water . Cool it and have a tasty drink.

Gooseberry juice

Gooseberry – 8


Ginger- a small piece


Water-3 cups


1. Remove the seeds from gooseberry and cut it into small pieces.

2.Then grind it with some water, ginger and salt.

3.Then add remaining water to it and serve.


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