Anugraheethan Antony Review

Anugraheethan Antony Review -


•Language: MALAYALAM 

•Duration: 02 HOURS 


• (Theatre: Carnival Cinemas Kollam with 100% percentage of viewers, HOUSEFUL) 











ONE WORD: A beautiful tale of love and affection, a worth watch entertainer. 

The plot of Anugraheethan Antony begins with the death of Antony who is an unemployed person. His father buys two pet dogs and uses them to compare with him mentioning that the dogs can be more caring and loyal even than their son. This makes him annoying so he treats the pet rudely. After his death, his spirit starts to wander through his surrounding premises and no one can see him rather than some other spirits and his pet dog Rony. Before his death, he falls in love with Sanjana and after his death, his spirit tries several ways to talk to her but as no one can hear him or see him he fails to do it. Will he able to convey his message or how can he express his love in the rest of the story. 

The film is directed by the debutant Prince Joy and the story is written by Jishnu S Ramesh & Aswin Prakash in which the screenplay is written by Naveen T. Manilal. The movie is produced by M Shijith, under the banner of Lekhsya Entertainments. The film comprises Sunny Wayne playing the hero and Gouri G. Krishna as the heroine. 

First of all, as a newcomer Prince Joy had made an admirable job of making a captivating film, like the title of the film the whole movie is blessed by the grace of God. The adorable moments that the movie offers for the viewers is truly delightful and compelling to watch. The prior quality was seen from the making to the writing, the implementation of the film is simple but quite powerful with strong emotions. Like said, the film had many charming and elegant occurrences which have the ability to engage the viewers, through the various situations the movie can make a strong connection especially for the pet lovers. What the movie is actually trying to say is quite simple and the connection which it makes for the viewers can establish a strong relationship for the viewers and even the various occurrences are capable of melting the heart of viewers. 

The movie is occupied with many elements like fantasy, romance, affection, love, care and parenthood. These factors and emotions are the key highlights which make the movie run and authentically by the making of the director the movie lands to stop at a complete safe zone of winning level. As mentioned the movie travels in a path that has many different emotions, like parenthood of a father and son, affection and care between a dog and his master and also the divine romance between couples. 

Among these, the portrayal of affection between the pet and its master was magically made throughout the movie and it was cheerfully giving happiness. Also, I was extremely happy to look at the grinning relationship between the dog Rony and the character Antony, truly unforgettable. Next to the romance of two central characters Antony and Sanjana, it was like reading romantic poetry, when looking deeper it shows the shadow of love, more like a concerned love. By their combination and the situations which creates their love is beauteous and appealing to watch, the concern and bond which they lie each other in their romance were inviting for a fetching romance. Finally, the parenthood, the relationship of a father and a son, lots of angles in their relationship was made on the equal balance. When a son is unemployed and sitting lonely at house how a father treats him varies in different families here it’s all about the care, even though some jokes are made to provoke, the love and affection of father remain genuinely for his son, so altogether it’s clearly evident that Antony is blessed with many loving factors. Therefore the simple story of Jishnu S Ramesh & Aswin Prakash was effectively implanted by the effective screenplay of Naveen T. Manilal. Both the story and screenplay made the right connection therefore the job of the director Prince Joy was easy.   

The direction held by Prince Joy was passionate, as a newcomer he had made a charming movie, the entire making held by Prince was stepped into the right track and moves in the right constant path, though the film is comprised with different genres nothing gets diverted or no form of off-balance was felt. The whole making was carried out as per the story and screenplay so that the momentum was sharper between the making and writing. Importantly from the beginning till the end the movie takes the viewers to hook on with its premise and surrounding, offering the engagement and also one can feel that there is be a connection between them and viewers depending on its varied genre. Also the two hours of length is completely entertaining, the ending and storyline is predictable but that doesn’t arise as an issue, no sort of boring elements and no kind of lagging won’t happen in the viewing experience. 

Looking into the performance of actors Sunny Wayne who did the central character Antony did a genuine performance. His whole performance was highlighted with his stunning dialogue delivery and also his powerful voice was predominantly matched to the scenes. His few situational comedies and the timing in delivering it had worked out flawlessly. The romance with Gouri G. Krishna had worked out brilliantly and also their combination had created the mood of feel-good romance. Gouri G. Krishna as Sanjana was amazing, her voice and her looks were flawless. Like said earlier, the combination scenes with Sunny Wayne was romantic to their best, her emotional scenes at the climax portions was also sentimental. Siddique as Varghese Mash, Antony’s Father did an impressive job, as usual, his emotional scenes were unforgettable, also his few situational comedies had worked out. Indrans as Madhavan, Sanjana’s Father had also done a notable performance, the care of a loving father was seen in his performance. Jaffar Idukki as Paulettan, Manikandan R. Achari as Sudharmman, Muthumani as Shalet and Baiju Santhosh as Pichathipidi Dasappan appears with crucial supporting roles and everyone did complete justice to their respective supporting characters. Among the various characters Suraj Venjaramood as Antappan comes with a surprising role, his performance was outstanding, the various emotions he portrayed on emotional scenes and the desperate situations he faces was undertaken perfectly. 

The musical works for the film are composed by Arun Muraleedharan including the background scores. The music was remarkable, the entire songs were melodious and sweet to hear. The hit track ‘Kamini’ was pleasantly flowing the mood of romance, whenever I use to hear the song a freshness of joyful happiness is given by the song and through the theatre experience, the joy was double, really enjoyed it. The song ‘Neeye’ sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan was also made with fine tunes, for the scenes the song had given the right manner. The whole background score was at topnotch, whatever the scenes are demanding the composer had given the right tunes to set the mood. The background tunes at emotional scenes had really worked out also the best background score was heard in the romantic scenes which helps to establish the romance. The cinematography by Selvakumar S was superior, his various close up frames of central characters were undertaken magically especially the frames of Gouri. The shots of dogs were also carefully and delicately taken without any diversion, the lighting methods used for the indoor scenes were also organised perfectly. The editing of Appu Bhattathiri was good, mismatches were not felt, the department behind the art had also done a marvellous job because the various artwork, painting, decorations were genuinely made. 

So to conclude Anugraheethan Antony had given me a wonderful experience with lots of unforgettable and happy moments, which is an acceptable movie for every type of audience. When overall looking like the name of the movie itself, Anugraheethan Antony is blessed because of the authentic making, touching storyline and beautiful sweet occasions, the film is comprised and promised with cherishing feel-good moments. 


• RATING: 3.5/5