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Omicron; Should be vigilant in the current scenario: Health Minister

Thiruvananthapuram: Health Minister Veena George has said that the New Year celebrations should be cautious because of the increasing number of omicron cases in the state. The state has imposed night restrictions on New Year’s Eve. In addition, people visiting shops, shopping malls, hotels and places of worship should be careful. So far 63 people in the state have been confirmed to have Omicron.

Omicron was confirmed to be in Ernakulam 25, Thiruvananthapuram 18, Pathanamthitta 5, Thrissur 5, Alappuzha 4, Kannur 2, Kollam 1, Kottayam 1, Malappuram 1, and Kozhikode 1. Omicron affected 30 people from high-risk countries and 25 people from low-risk countries. Eight people were infected through contact. Therefore, the Minister requested to be extremely careful.

Omicron is a genetic variant of covid that spreads rapidly over a short period, although the severity is low. It is very crucial for the state as the spread is very high. The elderly and people with allied diseases are more likely to be here and the risk of serious illness and death is higher.
Covid vaccination is very important in the Omicron scenario. Those who have been vaccinated are less likely to be seriously ill. However, those who have been vaccinated are more likely to develop a breakthrough infection and a recurrent re-infection than those who have been vaccinated. That is why self-defense is so important. The minister said people with symptoms should not visit public places or attend public functions for any reason.

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