K. M. Basheer murder case; Investigators say they do not have CCTV footage

K M Basheer murder

The probe team revealed that they did not have the CCTV footage requested by Sriram Venkataraman in the case of Journalist K. M. Basheer’s murder. The investigation team told the court that a DVR containing the footage had already been submitted. The DVR, which was to be submitted as a document, was filed in the court. With this, it will take time for the accused to get the footage from the DVR.

Sriram Venkataraman had demanded the accident footage when the court was considering the case last day. The case was adjourned till today. Defendants can only hand over the footage which is currently being hoarded to the defendants by turning it into a document. The prosecution told the court it had no objection to handing over the footage. There are indications that action will be taken in this regard in the coming days.