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An absconding office attendant has been arrested for tax evasion in the Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation

Thiruvananthapuram: An absconding office attendant has been arrested in a tax evasion case in the corporation. Sreekaryam police arrested Biju, an office attendant at the Sreekaryam zonal office. Police arrested Biju from the grave this morning.

Biju, who was suspended following a tax evasion controversy, went into hiding. This is the first arrest in the case. The tax evasion took place through three zonal offices, Sreekaryam, Attipra, and Nemam. The audit team had found that about Rs. 33 lakh had been laundered.

The tax-free and non-tax receipts should be deposited in the Municipal Secretary’s account on the next day. But the case is that this amount was beaten without investment. Earlier, the corporation had suspended seven employees in connection with the incident. The corporation had said that no one who paid taxes would lose money.

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