Those who join IS will not be brought back; Center Says

Islamic State

New Delhi: Intelligence agencies have said that bringing Islamic State militants back to India is a security threat. There is evidence that suicide bombers were trained, including women. The government’s move is to take legal action if the matter goes to court.

Former Ambassador KP Fabian had demanded the return of those who had joined IS. Fabian said there was no legal reason not to return and that other concerns were unfounded as he would be in custody in the country.

The national media had reported, citing top officials, that the Center was not interested in repatriating four Malayalee women who had joined IS. Sonia, Merin, Nimisha Fatima, and Rafila are in the Afghan jail.

The security agencies say bringing back these people, who worked with international fundamentalist forces, could create security problems. Therefore, the Central Government is of the view that they should not be returned.

They left India with their husbands in 2016-17 to join IS. They first arrived in Iran and from there to the Quraysh province in Afghanistan.

The husbands of the four were later killed in a missile strike by the US Air Force. As the IS disintegrated in a series of attacks, 403 people, including women and children, who were in IS bases, surrendered to the Afghan government.

The group included people from 13 countries, including India.