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Covid second wave will not end soon; It would take weeks to control the situation says NITI AAYOG


New Delhi: The Niti AAyog has said that the second wave of Covid in the country will not end soon. It will take another two weeks to bring the situation under control. Covid cases were over three and a half lakh. Today, however, there was a slight decrease in Covid cases. But the death toll remained the same. Four thousand deaths are reported every day.

The number of Covid patients in Delhi is declining. In states like Karnataka and Kerala, the situation remains unchanged. The positivity rate dropped to 18.3 percent nationally. But a panel of experts from the Justice Commission warned the central government that the second wave of Covid would not end soon. Local regulation should not be withdrawn unless the positivity rate is reduced. The assessment is that the decrease in the positivity rate in the country is due to the inability to significantly increase the number of tests. There is no other way than to get the vaccine to as many people as possible by December, Niti Ayog says.

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