Covid Crisis: India received aid from 14 countries

India received aid from 14 countries -

New Delhi: 14 countries have come to the aid of India, which is reeling under covid’s second wave. The aid was received from April 24 to May 2.  Medical equipment like medical oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, ventilators, bedside monitors,  BiPAP machines, antiviral drugs, rapid kits for covid virus testing, pulse 95, pulse, etc. came to India from various countries.
The first medical aid to India was delivered by the UK on April 24. The UK supplied 95 oxygen concentrators, 20 BiPAP machines, and 20 ventilators to India. Subsequently, on April 28, 256 oxygen cylinders were delivered by Singapore. Subsequently, India received a large amount of aid from countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE.