Maruthi Stops Omni’s production

Prominent vehicle company Maruti to stop production of Maruti Omni Van. According to reports, Omani is one of the most widely sold vans in India for more than 35 years. The Omni Van was first introduced in 1984. Maruthi Omni...

7-Seater Harrier SUV launches in India

Tata motors launched seven seater Harrier SUVs in India. The Omega Architecture Platform, similar to the Land Rover D8, is based on the 7-seater Harrier. In addition, the new Impact 2.0 design style of the company will be used...

Hyundai introduced their walking car in the Market

The automobile world is in a debate about Hyundai's walking car. The news is shocking, it is true. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, USA, introduced the car with their legs in the crowd. This is...

Nissan Kicks is in the market next month

Mumbai: The Nissan Kicks will be on the market from next month after quite a long wait. The brown panel dashboard, leather door panels, black dashboard top, leather upholstery, and steering wheel make up the car. The main attraction of...

The costs of these cars will increase in 2019

Since January 1, 2019, many prominent companies are planning to hike prices for cars and utility vehicles. The rise in construction costs and the rupee depreciate is seen as the reason for rising prices. Toyota and Ford will be...

Bajaj Quadricycle Qute Launched on the Market

Bajaj's Quadricycle Qute (cute) will soon be replaced by the  Auto Rickshow. The final approval from the Automatic Research Association of India (ARAI) gets, cute will soon reach the Indian market. The transmission is a 5 speed self-confident gearbox. The total...

Maruthi’s Suzuki Vitara to Launch in Indian Market

Maruti Suzuki will launch its SUV model in Indian market. The Vitara is a revised version of Suzuki's own Brezza, which comes to the seven-seater car category. The new SUV is being sold in India's premium SUV series. Vitara's...
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