Hyundai introduced their walking car in the Market


The automobile world is in a debate about Hyundai’s walking car. The news is shocking, it is true. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, USA, introduced the car with their legs in the crowd. This is the name given to Car and Hyundai as Elevate.

But do not think that it does not have the wheels. The structure of the wheels of the car is as short as necessary and can be reduced. The Elevate is constructed to reach on any surface. The car can even come with people who have wheelchairs on the stairs and bring them to their destinations. But also has the ability to handle any emergency situation. Producers say it can provide help in natural disasters like tsunami or earthquake as emergency assistance. It is able to reach any kind of hills. This can be traced to rescue operations. Eleven manufacturer Hyundai reveals the first Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV) to integrate technology used in electric cars and robots. This amazing car will be easy to overcome any difficult situations. The idea of the car is based on the modular EV platform. This will help shape your car according to various conditions. The robotic chains made of electric accouter technology help guide the car. This gives you more ground clearance, which will help you get to any direction quickly. These massive legs can be reduced at any time and can be used as a regular car. Integrated passive suspension system increases the battery life of the car. Anyway, the world’s car market will be a spectacular wave when it comes to eye-catching technology that we have seen only in the cinema.