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Kerala Theyyam : The Manifestation of Divinity

More than a folklore art, Theyyam is a ritual form of worship which has been originated thousands of years ago, probably during the Neolithic era. There are instances to believe that the primitive tribal religious worship has metamorphosed to the Theyyam cult which is prevailing in North Malabar. This is evident by the fact that several characteristics of tribal worship including ancestor worship, spirit worship, animal worship, serpentine worship etc are included under the Theyyam. Besides, the
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About Kerala Kathakali Dance H...

Kathakali, the Cultural face of Kerala While talking about the culture of Kerala, the southernmost state in Indi
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Unniyarcha at 70

Vadakara, which was a part of old Kadathanadu, is famous as the land of Kalaris. Kalari is the traditional mar
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‘Kathakali’ – The pride ...

‘Kathakali’ involves a strenuous effort behind the screens where artists have to undergone severe physi
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Koodiyattam – “One of the ...

“Koodiyattam”, a kind of traditional Sanskrit theatre performed in Kerala boasts of having a rich past
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