Samsung Galaxy S10 will be available in India on March 6


Samsung Galaxy S10 arrives in India on March 6. The Galaxy S10 phones come with a lot of changes.

Samsung has launched the S10 E, S10, S 10 + and S10 5G in India. The S10 base model comes with 6.1 inch screen size. This phone has a front-facing camera. The camera has 12 MP wide angle, 16 MP ultra wide angle lens, and 12 MP telephoto lenses. It also has a 10 MP dual camera.

This phone’s 128 GB and 512 GB internal memory versions are available. It has a battery capacity of 3,400 MAH. The wireless charging system also has this phone. The phone is available in pink, yellow, green and prism blue colors.

The screen size of the S 10 Plus has increased. The screen size is 6.4 inches. It has a battery capacity of 4,100 MAH. This phone comes with an internal memory capacity of 1 TB. The S10 Plus phone is equipped with an S10 camera.

The S10 E is Samsung’s Flagship version of a mid-sized version. The camera only has two cameras instead of three cameras. The same Snapdragon 855 chip that is used on the S10 smartphones is also up to its functionality. This phone has 6 GB RAM and 8GB of RAM.

The Galaxy S10 series has a new display. Samsung has named the Infinity-O display. Samsung introduced the display for the first time in the China market in December 2018. The S10 will be equipped with an Exynos 9820 processor.

These phones are among the most expensive phones of Samsung’s earlier phones. Samsung Galaxy S 10 Plus price of 1 Tb model is priced at the US $ 1,600. This is around Rs 113640 in Indian currency. It’s likely that India is much more than that. The 128 GB version of this phone is priced at Rs 7,105. The 512 GB version is priced at Rs 88781.