Sunny Malayalam Movie Review | Rating: 4/5

sunny malayalam movie review

Review for SUNNY:

•Language: MALAYALAM

•Duration: 01 HOUR 33 Minutes.

•Genre: DRAMA. 




1: Direction

2: Story, screenplay, and dialogues.  

3: Jayasurya’s stunning performance. 

4: Music and background score. 

5: Cinematography.  

6: Editing.


1: Some may feel a slow pace in between. 

•ONE WORD: Taking every single viewer into the life of Sunny, an unforgettable journey. 


The film ‘Sunny’ is directed by the well-known filmmaker Ranjith Sankar who himself handles the story, screenplay, and dialogues. The movie is produced by Ranjith Sankar and Jayasurya under Dreams N Beyond Pictures and Punyalan Cinemas. The film is currently streaming through Amazon Prime Videos. 

The plot of the movie revolves around the life of Sunny who dreamt to become a musician but failed to achieve his dream. During the global pandemic of Covid-19 Sunny makes a journey from Dubai to Cochin and spends his seven days of quarantine on a luxurious five-star hotel. How he spends his day and what’s his life and what’s his story is the rest of the movie. 

When someone becomes hopeless and the path which comes to their life is something that needs to be overcome, for that the different directions which occur to them are always meant challenging and eventually if they can cross it successfully beautiful and promising days will be ahead of them, this is what the film Sunny is portraying, never be hopeless.  The simple story written by the director Ranjith Sankar is the key highlight. The seven quarantine days of a person were told beautifully which helps the viewers to connect with the life of the protagonist. The premise of the story, the surroundings portraying in the story, and the different life scenarios of the central character were written out amazingly without leaving errors. The story is mainly focusing on the life of Sunny so what I liked and found most interesting is the showcasing of emotions. The film is a one-man show of the character Sunny, he is the only major person appearing from the beginning till the end and in between some voices appear that connects Sunny’s life. Therefore the script largely pinpoints the various emotions of the protagonist so while watching the movie his feelings are predominantly taking us to understand the life of Sunny so consequently by the optimistic making the movie is having the power to dominate every single viewer to realize what’s happening with Sunny’s life. 

When watching the life of Sunny I felt like I am on an emotional roller coaster, the various path he addresses which occurred to his life was felt disappointing, the unlucky occurrences that happened in his life, the hopeless days he lives with, the pain of his broken family and finally not being able to conquer his dreams was making me sad, because like his life once or twice I too felt some of his pain and struggles that happened with me so all these feelings were passed out brilliantly because of the extraordinary making held by the director Ranjith Sankar. The clever direction and the way he executed the film made this movie successful, the entire brilliantly executed making style deserves special mention. The remarkable realistic making has steered the movie to the fine and safest level, nothing in the making gets diverted from the subject, showing the various present and past life incidents of the protagonist with some other character voices made the whole making unique and felt different. 

The added elements in the screenplay like the blending of emotions was written out magically with many surprising heart whelming moments. The emotions like desperateness, anger, betrayal, love, friendship, care, trust, loneliness, and fear were added properly into the script and all of these factors were shining to the top beam offering the viewers to get into the vibe of these feelings that one can easily connect. The positive and inspiring vibe which the movie passes also felt cheerful, the message of one should never lose hope was inspiring and also helped in stimulating to understand our dreams and passion if one had forgotten it. Coming into the dialogues, the powerful words coming out from the protagonist will hook us into the premise, one can easily feel and perceive the depth. The written dialogues by Ranjith Sankar was having a great power to influence, some dialogues make us think, some dialogues help us to understand the pain, and some helps to recognize what’s right for the next. So the dialogues were amazingly written out and also nothing was turned into overdramatic or cliche. 

The unique moments which appear in the film are something unforgettable, taking to some strangers without seeing their face and their voice to be a part of our life for a couple of days was interesting. The different characters that arrive in the film through their voice and their vocals to be a part of central character life were filled with many elegant moments, opening up a life to a stranger and their small advice leading to a new good beginning can be seen in this film, so the moment’s happenings between a person and a stranger make this film engaging and compelling. The director needs huge applause for bringing out the acting talents of Jayasurya, he is a versatile actor, as his 100th film, Ranjith Sankar had given him an outstanding character and had masterly used the acting skills of Jayasurya. The thoughts on how to handle the character and the ideas on how to undertake the life of Sunny were successfully passed by Ranjith Sankar to Jayasurya because it’s clearly evident in the film. Therefore by the thoughtful direction and by the excellent writing, Ranjith Sankar is back on his promising track, a great job.  

To describe the versatility which we can see in Jayasurya’s performance is something speechless. He is a phenomenal actor, pure mannerism makes him special. The way he use to undertake the character and the skills he gives to express the character always makes me wonder. This film is his 100th work and he had given all his effort to make the character Sunny special, moreover, he was like living into the character. The numerous emotions he portrayed to showcase what’s happening with the life of Sunny made me shocked. The entire film with his face and screen presence was a treat to watch, couldn’t get my eyes to take off. His powerful voice and the method he used to say the dialogues were purely authentic. The genuine feel of living like the character was throughout seen till the end without any single error. The character Sunny demands lots of various emotions and expressions and Jayasurya was on another unimaginative level to give it, no single sort of mistake was felt in his acting. His eyes and facial expressions which he used to exhibit the various ongoing situations with any kinds of emotions were seen on the screen as a magical treat, youngsters and those who wish to be actors must take some lessons from his recent movies. The emotional scenes were completely safer on his hands especially the sentimental scenes in the climax, crying with happiness and sorrows at the same time was terrific. As his 100th film, Jayasurya had done a marvelous job and the character Sunny will surely make him proud, still while closing my eyes I can his astounding one-man performance, truly unforgettable acting, huge applause for Jayasurya. There are some actors in the film who appears with their voices like Aju Varghese, Shritha Sivadas, Innocent, Vijayaraghvan, Siddique, Shivada, Vijay Babu, and Mamtha Mohandas. Everyone had done their part well, their voices were matching to set the premise. Among them Innocent as Doctor Neerali and Shirtha Sivadas as Adithi were momentous, their voice and presence had given a great different feel.  

The technical side of the film was fantastic, the cinematography by Madhu Neelakandan was unbelievable because ninety percent of the film running in a closed area, in a luxurious hotel room so capturing its premise for a length of one and half hours to showcase a single character surrounded with many emotions is a tough task but Madhu Neelakandan’s visuals were having a unique power to visualize the storytelling effectively. The great lighting technique needs a special mention and the various close-up shots to capture the different emotions of the protagonist were taken flawlessly also the wide-angle shots were impressive. The background score was lifting every single scene to pass a feel, the background score had amazingly helped to add an extra impact to the crucial scenes, really loved the whistling background score. The track “Nee Varum” sung by KS Harishankar was melodious, therefore the music and background score tuned by Sankar Sharma is one of the major plus factors of this film. The editing of Shammer Muhammed was also crisp and clear without giving any type of mismatching, the near cuts and grading were also good. 

So overall to conclude I had enjoyed every single bit of Sunny, the feeling which we can get while watching this film is something that needs to be experienced. The life and seven days of Sunny will give you an unforgettable experience, the brilliant making style and the amazing writing by the director Ranjith Sankar makes Sunny a perfect movie for this weekend. Also, the stunning performance from Jayasurya is a treat to watch, should never be missed. I will surely recommend Sunny to everyone, a movie filled with many wonderful moments. 


•RATING: 4/5.