Sufiyum Sujathayum Review: Fly highly at romance but falls down by content

Sufiyum Sujathayum


Review By: Arun Jyothi

•Langauge: MALAYALAM 

•Duration: 02 Hour 03 Minutes.




1: Direction. 

2: Story

3: Dialogues. 

4: Performance of actors. 

5: Music and Background Score. 

6: Cinematography 


1: Screenplay 

2: Predictable ending 

3: Length could have been trimmed. 

ONE WORD: Fly highly at romance but falls down by content. 

•STORY IDEA: The story revolves around deaf women Sujatha a Hindu girl who falls in love with a Muslim man named Sufi. As two of them belong to two different religion they find many hurdles to start their life together. An NRI from Dubai called Rajeevan comes to the life of Sujatha and what happens rest is revolves around the story of Sufiyum Sujathayum. 


The movie Sufiyum Sujathyum is directed by the newcomer Naranipuzha Shanavas who also handles the story, screenplay and dialogues. Under the banner of Friday Film House, Vijay Babu produces the movie which is the OTT Malayalam release and finally gets premiere on Amazon Prime Videos. 

Looking into the making there are both ups and downs. The director had won on building up a good direction and storyline but couldn’t achieve on making an effective screenplay. The making was good according to the story but the movie gets really struggled in the screenplay because the different scenarios which the maker had implemented for setting up to the content and to its climax lack depth. When the movie reaches into the second half a sort of rushing to end the movie was felt also the reasons and situations which represents in the climax lacks believability. The story idea was fine but the implementation of the screenplay was moderate. 

Sufiyum Sujathayum is a movie that’s predictable from the mid but still it has some elements which attract romantic factor components and will make the audience to captivate to it all by all means of spending time. The soul of this film is romantic scenes and it gives fervent depth for the viewers to discern its momentum. 

The combined factors of love, sentiments, social scenarios, desperateness betrayal etc and each of these factors had worked out in the story but when flips into the screenplay the effort was less especially at the characterization of central characters also the writer could have been focused more to avoid predictability. The effort in the screenplay was seen in the first half which makes an extraordinary romantic line but in the second half when the story travels to the main plot the depth and feel which seen in the first half was missing, the improbability and predictability spoil the originality of the premise. 

Honestly, the dialogues in the movie were impressive because the conversation between each and every central character were having right soulful momentum. The dialogues at the romantic scenes never came out overdramatic or cliched, that particular effort by the director deserves special mention. Also, the conversations on all the emotional scenes were sharp and sentimental which will definitely melt the heart of viewers. 

The performance of Aditi Rao Hydari is something beyond excellence, she was the supreme highlighting factor of this film. Her acting was unique, the qualities of deaf women were flawlessly hold all over the film. The way she portrayed the romantic scenes with co-actor Dev Mohan will definitely give every viewer a special feel and sense of true love to get romantic. Her emotional scenes, especially at the scene of her grandmother demise showed the face of heart-melting acting. All in all her performance is an achievement of success. 

Jayasurya as Rajeevan delivered a classical performance. As usual, the intensity was seen in his acting especially at the emotional scenes, the various situation of a desperate husband in the movie was acted out amazingly. For him to perform the screen space was less but whatever he had did it genuinely. Dev Mohan as Sufi was wonderful, as a newcomer his performance was superlative. He scores high at romantic scenes with Aditi Rao Hydari, also few of his emotional scenes were also good. 

Siddique as the father of Sujatha was exceptional, the affection of a loving father was seen superb. There is a scene of him showing the heartbreak of the loving father when seeing his daughter getting away from him will give a terrific shock for every audience. Kalaranjini as the mother of Sujatha, Hareesh Kanaran, Navas Vallikkunnu, Mammukoya and Manikandan Pattambi did total justice to their respective supporting roles. 

The song ’Vathikkalu Vellaripravu’ was melodious with meaningful bright romantic lyrics. The background score of M.Jayachandran was speechless because the tunes he made for giving the emotion in each and every single scene was successfully implemented. The background score at romantic scenes was truly delightful, the feel of love was felt throughout the film. 

The cinematography of Anu Moothedath was outstanding in all aspects, the various frame he captured was beautiful especially the shots of Sufi dance. The beauty of Aditi Rao Hydari was also captured attractively which gives more divine for the film. Also, the night shot and high angle shots were taken out ideally and the lightning for indoor shots was also stunning. The editing of Deepu Joseph was also steady with perfect cuts which do not give any sort of mismatching experience in viewing. The costumes held by Sunil Batheri also deserves special mention, every costume was a perfect match and look authentic. 

So overall to conclude Sufiyum Sujathyum had given me a mixed experience, the movie is all about the sensational performance of every actor also the portrayal of romance is delightful to watch but yet the average screenplay and predictability ruin the happy satisfying experience or ending. 


• RATING: 2.5/5.