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Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikkoo Review

REVIEW: Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikkoo: 

  • RELEASE DATE: 14/01/2022
  • STAR CAST: Dhyan Sreenivasan, Sudheesh, Rony David, Ambika, Johny Antony, Sreejith Ravi.



  1. An engaging movie with suspense and twist. 
  1. The energetic performers of Sudheesh were thrilling. 
  1. Nice exciting story with an effective screenplay. 
  1. The various twists and suspense with a proper ending were satisfying.
  1. The direction and making style was justifying the story and screenplay.  
  1. Background score 


  1. The outlook and attitude of Dhyan Sreenivasan could have been better. 
  1. Some Dialogues lack a punch. 
  1. Few predictable suspense.
  1. Editing was average.  
  1. If the movie was made on a high budget the production quality would have been better. 

Detail Explanation of REVIEW

  • Won Plus Factors: 

The director Sukumar has infused excellent entertaining and thrilling moments and ensures that viewers get their money’s worth. He compensates for the clichéd storyline with the jungle and red sandalwood smuggling setting. This factor helps the film to stand out as something of this sort has rarely been seen in our films.

The direction by Sagar Hari has infused the movie with impressive thrilling moments and guarantees the viewers an interesting crime thriller. The way the director wrote the story and screenplay by avoiding the regular cloche elements made the making engaging and offered an incredible cinematic experience. The story was crammed with many components for a terrific thriller and the unexpected turns and events were surprising and gave cheerful moments and compared with the recent thriller movie Sathyam Mathrame Bodhipikkoo was a satisfying experience. 

As a newcomer the director Sagar Hari was excellent with his writing and making, from the film it’s clear that he had written the script passionately. Also, the standard making held him was lifting the film to give an engaging experience without any lag, viewing doesn’t get bored at any point. The film is elevated on a thriller crime backdrop and the director handles the subject carefully and neatly with many fresh ideas. from the first unexpected twist, the totality and nature of the film changes to a whole new premise, the various sudden happenings and occurrences were predominantly matching to set the storyline. Like I said the second half is filled with many events so how the director organises these incidents and how he connects them to the climax was completely satisfying. The reasons behind the crime and who the crime is executed and the investigation method also the surprise elements in the climax was genuinely adapted to the making and writing. The director had also avoided many routine cliches and brought many interesting angles to the story, the aspects of criminology were carried out largely and the execution methods behind the crimes had developed a  curiosity throughout the film. 

Sudheesh is the one who stole the show, he was brilliant and the entire performance was shocking. I was shocked by seeing his stunning attitude and cool behaviour, the outlook and the various expressions he gave for the character was intense. The dialogue delivery looked authentic without any errors, his experience in acting had uplifted the character greatly and finally, the change of transformation he gave for the character took the entire film to shine brightly. His performance will definitely hook everyone till the end, his crooked smile was unforgettable, he nailed it. 

Dhyan Sreenivasan joins with the casting, his performance was good but his outlook and attitude were not matching. Physical fitness and his attitude for an IPS raked officer was not convincing, from his walk to the dialogue delivery an impact was missing. Still, he managed to deliver a normal performance till the end, his combination of scenes with Sudheesh in the second half has made us forget these errors. Rony David as Manu shared great screen space with Sudheesh, his second-half performance was amazing, he neatly handled the transformation of his character and till the end he carefully delivered an honest supporting performance.  Ambika as the mother shines in the climax and Johny Antony and Sreejith Ravi did complete justice to their respective characters. 

  • Lost Minus Factors: 

1: The major let down of this interesting film is it’s production quality, if the movie was made on a bigger scale it could have given a rich appeal. Due to the limitation of budget, some of the scenes and location doesn’t properly suit the premise of the film, especially the important scenes towards the ending which was shot on the municipal ground. 

2:Dhyan Sreenivasan was moderate in his performance and outlook, his sound was not that powerful and the outlook and attitude don’t fit for an IPS police officer. 

3: The editing could have been better, the transition of the scene was moderate. The colour-grading doesn’t look great. 

What’s Hot?

1:Sudheesh’s extraordinary acting, sharp dialogue delivery and drastic attitude.  

2:Unexpected twists and surprises will entertain.  

3: Sagar Hari’s direction comes with a clever script. 

4: Thrilling Background Score. 

What’s Not?

1: Dhyan Sreenivasan 

2: Editing not upto the mark. 

3 Production quality. 

What’s behind the film

Technically, the cinematography was nice with many good frames and shots. I loved the closeup shots of Sudheesh, his various expressions and powerful looks was amazing to watch. Some of the drone shots looked fine and the lighting in indoor scenes looked fair. The film did not have any songs and the script was not demanding for it but the background score was excellent. The thrilling scenes were giving an extra impact because of the background score and tunes lifted the scenes to give the more vibrant look and depth. The editing should have been made better, it was average, the colour grading and the few transitions of scenes were not that great. 

Final Verdict

So overall to conclude, before watching the film I was having fewer expectations and was not confident to grab the tickets but honestly the film Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikkoo had given me an awesome thrilling cinematic experience and was shocked to see its package. The story and direction by Sagar Hari were great and as a newcomer, he did a spectacular job. The performance from Sudheesh was shocking and at the same time energetic, he stole the show. Some issues are there but I will positively recommend this movie to everyone for those who love to watch an engaging thriller. The movie offers a great time with suspense and twist and won’t disappoint anyone, a worth watching experience. 

  • FINAL RATING: 3/5 
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