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Review of Voice of Sathyanathan: A watchable movie with good comedies

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Review for Voice of Sathyanathan:


•Language: MALAYALAM

•Duration: 02 Hours 17 Minutes.

•Genre: Comedy Thriller.


1: Direction  

2: Performance of Dileep 

3: Performance of Siddique

4: Comedies

5: Cinematography

5: Editing

6: Songs

7: Entertaining first half


1: The story is predictable

2: The screenplay could have been better

3: Average Background score

  • ONE WORD: A watchable and entertaining comedy film from Dileep and Rafi.


The plot of the film revolves around Sathyanathan (Dileep) who does the furniture business and he lives with his wife (Veena Nadakumar). Due to a misunderstanding, Sathyanathan will face enmity with his neighbour Tabala Varkey (Siddique) and it will create a lot of headaches for Sathyanathan. Sathyanathan also has a problem of tongue slip issues and it will make things worse when he abuses the Panchayat President (Johny Antony). This will lead to some serious unexpected issues and how Sathyanathan faces it can be seen in the rest of the story.


The film Voice of Sathyanathan is directed and written by the hitmaker Rafi. The movie is produced by Badhusha N. M, Shinoy Mathew, actor Dileep and Rajan Chirayil under the production companies of Pen & Paper Creations, Badushaa Cinemas and Graand Production. The movie is currently in theatres with a censor certificate of clean U.

It’s a Dileep movie after 3 years and we all know the combo of Dileep and Rafi had always produced many hit comedy films. So when Voice of Sathyanathan was announced my expectation level went a little high. But when the trailer was released I had mixed feelings about the movie. Still, I love to watch Dileep-Rafi movies and went to watch the FDFS and I can say that I enjoyed the film. Voice of Sathyanathan is not the best work of the Rafi-Dileep combo but the movie has enough components to entertain us. The major winning highlight of Voice of Sathyanathan is the comedies. The Malayalam industry and family audiences in Kerala were craving a good comedy film and now they got the right one, through comedies Voice of Sathyanathan will definitely entertain and it’s a nice choice for the family audience.

As I said the comedies in Voice of Sathyanathan were entertaining, after a long time I had laughed enough. The situational humours which Rafi wrote was hilarious and it matched the situations perfectly. In the film I didn’t feel the comedies were overdramatic, the humour situation didn’t feel exaggerated and Rafi was successful in producing good comedies. The first half of the movie was crammed with very nice entertaining comedies and the combination scenes of Siddique and Dileep was brilliant. All their combination scenes were funny and I really enjoyed and laughed well. What I liked about the writing of Rafi is he had added many humour angles in serious situations and none of them was boring to watch. Throughout the first half, the writing and direction of Rafi had the right momentum. But after the second half, the movie will get serious and the director Raafi had tried to establish the main plot. The second half is having a serious flashback and the movie revolves around those scenes but still, there is no scarcity of comedies. Till the ultimate climax, Raafi had held the grip of comedies and at the same time, he had focused on the main plot.

The comedy track in the film had the right balance and how Rafi combined it with the main scenario deserves special mention. Initially, I thought adding comedies in serious situations will affect the pace of the movie but the director Raafi was maintaining the equal balance. We all know what Dileep is capable of while doing comedies and here Rafi has amazingly used the acting talents of Dileep. So throughout the film, we will be able to see Dileep in a full energetic vibe and he gives the right tone for the comedies implemented by Rafi. The chemistry between Rafi and Dileep had worked out well, the communication between an actor and the director is crucial for a comedy film. And in Voice of Sathyanathan, I was able to see the teamwork between an actor and director because the comedies enforced by Rafi were cleverly and faultlessly delivered by the actor Dileep. The style of Dileep while doing comedies is fun to watch and Raafi clearly knows how to use an actor like Dileep. So the scripting and direction were cleverly made by Rafi to match the acting style of Dileep and it came out well and I was able to see the vintage comedy styles of Dileep.

The story written by Rafi has a lot of occurrences and it is combined with an emotional flashback. The first half largely focuses on the life of the central character Sathyanathan. The tongue slip issues and the problems associated with the Indian President case issue take the movie forward with engaging comedies. And the second half is the journey of Sathyanathan to save the character of Joju George. So what is his next step, who will he face, what are the obstacles in front of him and how do these problems affect his personal life can be seen in the second half. Both the first half and second half have the strength of comedies to engage us so the movie won’t give any feeling of lag. Till the end, without getting bored I was able to watch the film.

Now the negative, the first thing is the screenplay. I wish Rafi could have invested more time in writing the screenplay because when the movie is touching the main plot things start to get predictable. What is next can be easily understandable and the thriller mood of the film in the second half was moderate. How the central character faces the villain and how our hero escapes in the climax could have been executed in a better way. The ending and the scenes towards the climax reminded the writing techniques of Udayakrishna. During those scenes, I didn’t see the style of Rafi and the climax had only given an ok feel. The villain character was not that powerful, and the way Rafi ended the movie felt rushed. But the situational comedies given by Rafi will make these flaws dissolve. The reason for that is while watching the film I was able to engage myself within the film rather than thinking about these negatives.

Dileep as Sathyanathan was fantastic, his comedy timing and how deliver the comedy dialogues were fun to watch. The old comedy style of Dileep was able to see in Voice of Sathyanathan. The facial expression of Dileep in comedy scenes was perfect and he also managed to do well in the emotional scenes. The comedies of Dileep are the major highlight of Voice of Sathyanathan and I’m sure everyone will enjoy it. The character of Jojo George was brilliantly written by Rafi and the emotional angle in the character of Joju George had worked out well. The sentiments and the love of a caring father were authentically brought by Raafi to the screen. And Joju Geroge delivered another notable performance. The scene in which he cries after seeing the death of his wife was outstanding and the natural acting skills of Joju George were able to be seen. The flashback scenes of Jojo George had made an impact and it was satisfying. The performance of Siddique was hilarious and he had drastically scored with his perfect humour timings. The combination of scenes of Dileep and Siddiqui is a major winning highlight of Voice of Sathyanathan. Veena Nadakumar as the wife of Dileep did an honest performance and her acting was good. Makarand Deshpande did the villain role and it was like an ordinary villain. I wish Rafi could have written his character in a better convincing way. Jagapathi Babu shined as the Police officer and Johny Antony, Benny P. Nayarambalam, Ramesh Pisharody, Alencier Ley Lopez and Jaffer Sadiq had done justice to their respective characters.

The music composed by Ankit Menon was good, the song ‘O Pardesi’ sung by Sooraj Santosh and Ankit Menon was melodious and it matched well with the combination scene of Dileep and Veena Nandakumar. The background score was average, in many scenes I felt a mismatch. The tunes were not properly sinking with emotional scenes and also some of the background tunes in the comedy scene were poor. The cinematography of Swaroop Philip and Jithin Stanislaus was filled with fair frames and shots. The visuals of Mumbai city were captured nicely. The duration of the film was not long, the editor Shammer Muhammed had done a near work with proper cuts and transitions.


So overall I enjoyed watching the film Voice of Sathyanathan and I will recommend this film to watch with your family and friends. The entertaining performance of Dileep and the hilarious comedies in the film will make you laugh and engage. There are some flaws in the script and the second half could have been executed better but still the convincing comedies and the energetic performance of Dileep and Siddiqui will make you laugh. If you love to watch a clean movie with good comedies then you can book the tickets for Voice of Sathyanathan.

VERDICT: A Watchable Comedy Movie 

RATING: 3.25/5

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