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Ramachandra Boss And Co Review

Ramachandra Boss And Co Review : The worst heist I had ever seen, Ramachandra Boss & Co is a big time of disappointment. 


•Language: MALAYALAM 

•Duration: 02 Hours 28 Minutes. 

•Genre: Heist Action Comedy Thriller 


1: Comedies 

2: Cinematography 

3: Editing 

4: Performance of Vinay Forrt

5: First Half 


1: Average Direction 

2: Mediocre screenplay 

3: Predictable Twist 

4: Lack of good background score 

5: Munish as Villain was disappointing 

6: Robbery scenes lack impact 

  • ONE WORD: The worst heist I had ever seen, Ramachandra Boss & Co is a big time of disappointment. 


Ramachandra Boss and Co is the ultimate tale of a renowned, high-priced painting. With unwavering confidence, Ramachandra (Nivin Pauly) assembles a team of individuals from Kerala who are in dire need of money to execute the heist. With meticulous planning, Ramachandra sets his sights on stealing the painting from wealthy businessman Amarnath (Munish). The question remains: can Ramachandra’s team overcome the obstacles that stand in their way and successfully pull off the daring robbery? The answer lies in the remainder of the story. 


The film Ramachandra Boss & Co is written and directed by Haneef Adeni and it’s the second collaboration of Nivin Pauly and Haneef Adeni after the flop film Mikhael. The movie is produced by Listen Stephen and Nivin Pauly under Magic Frames and Pauly Jr. Pictures. The film is distributed by Magic Frames and with a running time of 147 minutes the film is currently running in theatres as an Onam release with a U/A censor certificate. 

In all candor, Ramachandra Boss & Co. is the most subpar heist film I have viewed in recent memory. The primary issue with this heist movie lies in three key areas: the storyline, screenplay, and direction and these three are done by Haneef Adeni. Each of these elements fell below average, resulting in a lackluster film that offers little beyond a few moments of situational comedy. The only redeeming qualities of Ramachandra Boss & Co. are its Dubai locations, select comedic moments, and cinematography.

A movie that comes under the genre of heist should have the capability to hold our attention and make us thrill but here nothing worked out. The robbery scenes don’t make any sense and the way the robberies are conducted is executed badly in the film. Haneef Adeni is behind in the direction and script and both of them were average because the screenplay was written in such a shoddy way. In the film Nivin Pauly’s character Ramachandra is the chief and his team is behind after an expensive painting. They make several attempts to rob the painting from a dangerous rich villain and every time they fail but after the failure of Plan A and Plan B, they will successfully rob the painting under Plan C. So the storyline had enough slots to make the film thrilling but Haneef Adeni didn’t utilize the chances well. 

In the film, each time Ramachandran and his team went on their heist for painting the screenplay and direction of Hanif Adani were unable to deliver the feeling of excitement and thrill. The movie failed to maintain a sense of suspense and the twists and turns in the film do not have any kind of good impact. The direction of Haneef Adeni was just okay, the first half was fun. Haneef Adeni took enough time to establish the story and no lag was felt in the first half. The central characters in the film were shown evidently and their backstory was convincing for the plot. I was able to establish a strong connection with the underlying motive behind the main characters’ heist, as portrayed in Haneef Adeni’s writing. The author’s adeptness in this regard is evident, as the emotional rationale presented is well-justified.

The situational comedies of Vinay Forrt were entertaining and he had done a good job. Actually, Vinay Forrt was the one who scored more than any other actors, his comedies were also in the second half and it was a big relief. But the comedies were not just enough to carry the movie. When the movie tracks to the actual scenario of robbery scenes everything turned upside down. The execution of heist scenes looked unrealistic and the way the robbery was done was amateurish. In the city of Dubai how the characters perform the robbery will make you laugh, there is no logic and it is completely out of the sense. We all know in the climax the main characters will successfully complete the mission but the ending was having an alternative tail end. The man behind the master plan, who he is and his secret plan are revealed in the last minutes of the movie and sadly it is something we have seen in many movies associated with this genre. Also, that particular scene should have made a big impact but it didn’t and unfortunately, those scenes didn’t give Nivin Pauly’s Ramachandra character any kind of heroic spin.

The selection of the antagonist for the film Ramachandra Boss & Co. proved to be a significant misstep. Munish, who was cast in the role of the villain, presented a considerable obstacle for the film. His performance was subpar, his demeanor and actions in the movie were detrimental to the overall quality of the film. The decision to cast Munish as the villain by Haneef Adeni resulted in a significant problem for Ramachandra Boss & Co. The villain character was a crucial element of the film, and I am wondering why Haneef Adeni chose Munish for such a pivotal role. From the outset, it was evident that the movie would be missing a compelling villain, and the absence of a powerful antagonist was felt throughout the film. 

This is a heist film, and while similar movies have been made in many languages, a truly engaging and thrilling cinematic experience is one that avoids predictability. Unfortunately, Ramachandra Boss and Co. fall short in this regard. The weak writing and lack of surprising elements make it all too easy to predict what will happen from beginning to end. The plan and execution of a robbery are the main attractions of a heist film, but disappointingly, these elements are absent in this movie. It’s sad to see that the screenplay fails to engage the audience and deliver the excitement that a heist film promises.


The movie has the star cast of Nivin Pauly, Mamitha Baiju, Vinay Fort, Jaffer Idukki, Aarsha Chandini Baiju, Vijilesh Karayad, Sreenath Babu, Munish, Nassar and others. 

The performance of Nivin Pauly was good but not that great. The satire of a chief who makes the plan of action for robbery does not fit him well. I felt something was missing from his performance, the expression of Nivin Pauly was fine and with Vinay Forrt in the areas of situational comedies Nivin had given the best. But in the most crucial areas, the heroic feel of Nivin Pauly was not seen evidently. Nivin Pauly should have concentrated more on the dialogue delivery and modulation in presenting the dialogues. His new look after the weight loss looks stylish and the costumes of Nivin Pauly had a rich attractive appeal. Vinay Forrt is the one who stole the show, his comedies really worked out and the acting was also fine. The combination scenes of Vinay Forrt with Mamitha and Aarsha evoked laughter and his timing in delivering the comedy scenes was also supreme. Jaffer Idukki did a fine job, the emotional scenes were acted out well and those scenes had a feel. Mamitha Baiju as the hacker did not have much to perform but did decently. Aarsha Chandini Baiju’s character was also having the same issue because the screen space was moderate for performing. Vijilesh Karayad and Sreenath Babu did complete justice to their supporting roles and their performance was good. Munish as the villain was utterly disappointing and I didn’t like his whole performance. Actor Nassar comes in at the beginning of the film with a convincing performance. 


The musical work for the film is composed by Midhun Mukundan which includes the background score. The film has one song “Yalla Habibi” sung by Zia Ul Haq, Vidyaa Prakash and the composer Midhun Mukundan. The song is already on the hit list and it’s nice to hear. The song has a blend of Arabic patterns with a mix of Malayalam lyrics. The tune is catchy and the musical instruments used in the song make it different. Also, the lyrics written by Suhail Koya give more appeal to the song. The visuals of the song and the combination scenes of Nivin Pauly and his co-actors are fun to watch. The dance of Mamitha Baiju and the visuals of Dubai give a splendid feel to the song. The background score in the film was poor, in many important scenes the absence of a compelling background score was missing so the feel of excitement and thrill was not able to be given by the background score. The background score at the emotional scenes was the only good tunes that worked. 

The cinematography for the film is done by Vishnu Thandassery and the editing is done by Nishad Yusuf. The cinematography was attractive because he had captured the best visuals of Dubai. The locations in the film looked good and it actually matched the premise of the storyline. The various frames of Dubai were pleasingly shot and the frames of Dubai had the strength to grab the attention. But the robbery scenes were executed poorly so the scenes didn’t make the proper impact. The wide-angle frames of dessert and car chase scenes were nicely handled. The shots and camera movements in the action sequences were also shot properly. I don’t have complaints about the editing works of Nishad Yusuf because the duration of the film didn’t feel lengthy and 147 minutes was a crisp running length for this heist film. The transitions of the scenes were okay and it didn’t give any misplaced feeling. The colour tone of the film looks vivid and the cuts in the action sequences were also nice.  


So overall the film Ramachandra Boss and Co gave me a disappointing experience because of the average direction and poor script. The making style of Haneef Adeni did not have the strength for an engaging heist movie and the writing of the story and screenplay failed to create an impact. The situational comedies of Vinay Forrt and visuals of Dubai are the only things that worked in Ramachandra Boss and Co. The predictable storyline, half-baked screenplay and the poor villain turned into the biggest problem for Nivin Pauly’s Ramachandra Boss and Co. So, now it’s up to you, if you are booking the tickets kindly watch with fewer expectations.  


•RATING: 2/5

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