Love Malayalam Movie Review : An exciting and a compelling thriller, will LOVE it

Review for LOVE -

Review for LOVE: 
•Duration: 01 Hour 32 Minutes.

1: Direction. 
2: Story, Screenplay and Dialogues. 
3: Performance of actors. 
4: Cinematography 
5: Editing. 

Nothing to mention. 

ONE WORD: An exciting and a compelling thriller, will LOVE it. 

Love revolves around Anoop (Shine Tom Chacko) and Deepti (Rajisha Vijayan) lives in a flat. Deepti gets pregnant and Anoop was not happy with the news, later in a conflict between them some unexpected incidents happens which focuses on how love can turn into hate. 

Love is directed by Khalid Rahman who is well know know for his previous work such as Unda and Anuraga Karikkin Vellam. In Love he handles the story and screenplay, along Noufal Abdullah joins in the writing. The movie is produced by Ashiq Usman which comes under the Ashiq Usman Productions. 

It’s a thriller, an engaging thriller that has many gripping moments to cherish. Here making is the head and story is the tail which is connected and balanced perfectly and equally. The execution needs special mention, the direction held by Khalid Rahman was simply brilliant, the making was adequate and vivid variations in the whole making was pleasing to watch. A simple story was made amazingly with the perfect blend of all thrilling components which makes the complete movie engaging till the end. What I liked in the direction of Khalid Rahman is, as a movie which was shot on a Lockdown period that too on a closed flat, many challenges will come across the path and here Khalid Rahman proves his skills, he had honestly overcome every obstacle and purely accomplished to formulate a different kind of thriller. 

The totality of the movie is all about an incident and the rest of the movie swirls around the various happenings associated to the incident. So the movie has many aspects and numerous happening related to the earlier mentioned occurrence gives the audience to get thrilled, and none of the various events in the film looks unrealistic. The portrayal method in the making is the highlight, the whole making was different and a feel of a something new was seen in the direction. The powerful use of actors is another plus point, the director had authentically used the talents of every single actor and throughout on every frame, it’s evident. 

The surprising element I liked in the writing of Khalid Rahman and Noufal Abdullah is the plot gives many various kinds of aspects to think, after watching the film the makers had given many sorts of inner thoughts to get more into the plot, to realise what was the real happenings and to recognize who is good and to know what is bad. I liked the writing style, every incident was written without creating any sort of confusions. Also, the well-written screenplay was engraved neatly into the right format, the structure and formation of the whole movie were packed luminously without losing its actual brightness. The several portrayals of different emotions such as love, struggle, betrayals, lust, and friendship were jotted down as per the plot without getting any diversion from the actual targeted path. Therefore liked I said the ideal making of Khalid Rahman is something different to watch and the way of thinking of the writers is something unique to assume.   

Looking into the performance, Shine Tom Chacko scores amazingly well. His emotions were legitimate from the beginning, the ongoing different kinds of emotions and feelings were undertaken beautifully. The dialogue delivery was crisp especially at the anger scenes, loved the way he handled the character. Seeing his previous performance Shine had drastically improved a lot, am sure he can score well again. Rajisha Vijayan as Deepti had done yet another staggering performance. In the first half, she doesn’t have much to do but when the movie tracks to the central part she got the real task to do and delivered a classy performance. Her realistic way of expression and originality in telling the dialogue delivery was once again happy to watch also her acting skills at the climax was delightful. Gokulan M.S as the friend of the central character did a spectacular job throughout the film, I didn’t expect a performance like that. His various sensible way of expressions in each kind of mood was terrific, also few situational humours were taken out accordingly to the alley. Sudhi Koppa was also remarkable, the combination scenes with Shine and Gokulan was pragmatic and the sensible way of handling the character and it’s different enthusiasms was amazing. Veena Nandakumar also did a small cameo and did a notable performance also Johnny Antony’s cameo father character was powerful and he did it well enough. 

The music and background score tuned by Neha Nair and Yakzan Gary Pereira was good, only a single track that too for few minutes but the background score had a prominent role in the film and both Neha and Yakzan had given some influential and dominant tunes to set the path. The background score was excellent, the movie had different scenarios and way of angles and for each of these aspects, the BGM was sinking genuinely to form the right mood. The cinematography of Jimshi Khalid was fantastic, especially the close up frames on showing different emotions of characters. There are some unique impressive shots and the lighting techniques was masterly done, shocked to see the way of arrangements, all the indoor shots were favourable to the premise. The crisp and clear editing of Noufal Abdullah (the writer) also deserves special thumbs-up, none of the scenes had given any mismatched feel. So overall the technical department had done their best because the movie was shot on lockdown and with 20 days of total time, the efforts of teamwork are truly evident in the film, huge applause for the entire team. 

Therefore to conclude I loved and enjoyed watching ‘LOVE’, it’s a compelling thriller that leaves multiple thoughts for thinking. If you are a kind of person who likes to witness a different kind of thriller LOVE will be a perfect choice also couples can try this, won’t disappoint anyone, just go and watch it. 


RATING: 4/5.