Kaanekkaane Movie Review | Rating: 4/5


Review for KAANEKKANE: 

•Language: MALAYALAM

•Duration: 02 Hour 34 Seconds. 













ONE WORD: An engaging film drama with thrilling content and a haunting past. 


 Deputy Tahsildar Paul Mathew arrives in town for some court matters. He is warmly welcomed by his son-in-law Allen. He spends one day with his grandson happily and wonders when he would see his grandson again, Paul leaves Allen’s home but something important catches his eye. Soon things started to get a shift in the lives of many which leads to an emotional and thrilling journey. 


Kaanekkaane is directed by Manu Ashokan who had previously made the notable film Uyare released in 2019. The same team is back again, Bobby and Sanjay come with the writing of the story, screenplay, and dialogues. The film is produced by T. R. Shamsudheen and comes under the production company of DreamKatcher and the film is now streaming through Sony Liv.

First of all, I enjoyed watching this film, it’s a movie which made me force to think about who is right and is he doing the right, while watching many questions are leaving into the minds of the audience and that’s what literally makes this movie special. For me, I felt I was on an emotional rollercoaster, many forms of emotions can be ostensively felt while spending time with Kaanekkaane. The portrayal of emotions makes this movie beautiful, the guilt of a person after an incident makes this movie compelling and the anger one will get after realizing the truth makes this movie thrilling and finally, the desperateness of a person who can’t do anything makes this movie mesmerizing. So all together ‘Kaannekkane’ is a terrific blend of various human nature and that one can feel and assume. 

The making by Manu Ashokan was simply brilliant, the entire well-crafted execution made this film outstanding. The director deserves a huge applause for his extraordinary making, the way the director had taken the movie was shocking. While watching I was wondering how this is going to end, so these curiosities were enriching my viewing experience, and finally, from the mid half I was surprised how the movie had entered into its actual phase. The director had brilliantly established the story by taking enough time so, in the beginning, one may feel a sort of small drag (but I couldn’t felt) but when the movie tracks into the actual plot everything will start to get changed. The movie got various crucial happening and it all happen suddenly so the detailed way of presentation of these scenes was amazingly executed by the director. The proper sort of explanation was given to every single important scene so how the movie connects from present scenarios to the flashback scenes was shown without any confusing factors. I liked the making style, it was different and distinct, like I said earlier the immediate connectivity of scenes from the present to the flashback was felt unique. Also, the director had successfully used the acting talents of every actor, I’m sure that the director Manu Ashokan had passed the right instructions for every actor to give their best, it’s clearly evident in the film. 

Another factor I loved in the making of Manu Ashokan is the way he treated the film. As a family-oriented film, there were many components of sentimental scenes like the love and care of a father, like and fights between husband and wife, father-son relationships, betrayal, etc so building all these factors into the proper way was carefully done by the director because none of these things went overdramatic. I was expecting some sort of overdramatic will surely pass through but nothing gets diverted, everything was set in the right mood and usual family cliches were not all felt. 

The story, screenplay, and dialogues by Bobby and Sanjay is finally back on track. The previous works of Bobby and Sanjay were disappointing so the expectations for this film were less but surprisingly there are back with a bang. The exceptional story and the well-written screenplay made the job of the director Manu Ashokan easier. The story was new, the content was having the right components, and the way the story takes its path was exciting to watch. An additional plus factor in the story is its lovely heart whelming climax, the way the movie ended was safer and on the right path. The written dialogues were extremely strong, it’s difficult to express how I was influenced by the powerful words. When it comes to the emotional scenes those powerful influencing words coming from the mouth of the actors will hit and contrive our mind to understand the pain and depth. The screenplay was also precise and detailed, every scene was properly made as per the plot demands. The screenplay was fleeing with many emotions like parenthood, love, trust, anger, guilt, romance, betrayal, and desperateness. So the writer had done a marvelous job of pulling out these emotions and feelings in the right manner. The script demands it and it’s placed on the exact side and time so these emotions can pass a feel and sense while watching the film. 

An important aspect I specifically need to mention is the showcase of the psychological nature of humans. After understanding and realizing some hidden truth how does an individual act to bring out justice or how he seeks vengeance was written out magnificently. The emotional way of their life, the path they use to take, and how a person becomes selfish were shown out authentically which had given a great impact on the viewing experience. Also, the emotional guilt passing through the various times was predominantly rioting to get influenced. The pain and suffering of emotional guilt are tough and the way the writer had brought it out into one of the characters will surely create an impact while watching and after completing. So the neat and steady writing makes the characterization justifying and the characters appearing on the screen will make us recognize their pain and suffering.  

Looking into the performance of actors the film comes with Suraj Venjaramoodu, Tovino Thomas, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Shruti Ramachandran, Prem Prakash, Rony David, Dhanya Mary Varghese, and Binu Appa. The movie is all about the amazing performance of Suraj Venjaramoodu, he shines brilliantly all over the film with his beautiful acting skills. His emotional scenes were extraordinary which had given the right feel and depth for the demanding scenes. The care and attachment of a loving father were beautifully seen in his entire performance. A proper way of natural acting was the highlight I felt in Suraj Venjaramoodu performance and the incredible dialogue delivery on emotional scenes was also superlative. Tovino Thomas on the other hand as the husband also delivered a sterling performance. The intensity which seen in his performance was stunning because the right mannerism of controlled acting was striking throughout his acting. All his emotional scenes were good to watch especially when it comes to the climax scenes and at crucial scenes. The combination scene he shared with Suraj Vennaramoodu was dominating the movie to get engaged. Both of their chemistry was taking and lifting the film to the right path without giving any boring or discomfort feel. Aishwarya Lekshmi who did the wife character of Tovino also did a noteworthy performance. I liked the emotional scenes of Aishwarya Lekshmi and the way she did it. The various emotions which her character goes through were acted out authentically. Her combination of scenes with Tovino was promising and the various circumstances of a husband and wife in a tough situation were handled perfectly. Shruti Ramachandran comes with an extended cameo and she did a great job. Roni David, Prem Prakash, Binu Pappu, and Dhanya Mary Varghese come with supporting roles and each of them did total justice to their respective characters. 

The technical division of the film was fine with the quality works. The cinematography of Alby Antony was satisfying with worthy visuals, the frames and shots were not extraordinary but what the film demand was properly given by the cinematographer. The frames and shots are felt like a natural like happening in our premise. The night shots were classy also the fast driving scenes of Tovino Thomas had given an impact. The terrific lighting techniques used in the outdoor scenes during the night were fantastic. The editing of Abhilash Ramachandran was adequate with favoring cuts, mismatches were never felt and the grading for the night shots was excellent. The music and background score by Ranjin Raj was remarkable especially the background score. The track ‘Palnilavin Pokykayil’ sung by Sithara Krishnakumar was melodious to hear. The background score was enchanting with the right mood till the end. The BGM was accurate to set the mood of the scene, all the background scores at the emotional scenes were flawlessly matching to pass the right feel so all the crucial scenes were giving the right impact, and also the BGM will help the viewers to contrive within the scene.

So overall to conclude Kaanekkaane had given me a wonderful emotional cinematic experience. The movie has its own moments to make us think about who is right or what he does is right?. The film takes its time to establish and when it comes to the track it’s thrilling and completely engaging till the end. The extraordinary performance of Suraj Venjaramoodu and Tovino Thomas is a treat to watch and for those who like to experience an emotional thriller ‘Kannekkaane’ can be an excellent choice. 


•RATING: 4/5