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home malayalam movie review

Home Malayalam Movie Review

•Duration: 02 Hour 41 Minutes. 


•Language: MALAYALAM












ONE WORD: Inviting the viewers to a home full of joy and surprises.


#Home deals with the life and family of Oliver Twist (Indrans) who lives with his two sons, his wife, and with his grandfather. The elder son Antony Oliver (Sreenath Bhasi) is a young filmmaker who is busy with the writing of his second film and the younger son (Charles Oliver) is techy who needs his back papers to be cleared. Kuttiyama (Manju Pillai) is a loving wife and caring mother and Appachan (Kainakary Thankaraj) is a person who doesn’t talk much. Antony’s first film was a super hit so he faces much pressure to complete his second script. His producer Baby (Maniyanpilla Raju) forces him to complete it within a couple of days or else the project will be dropped. As Antony completed his first script from his home his producer advises him to return home to complete the script. He followed the idea and returns home but things get turned upside. His father Oliver was excited to see his son after a long time but Oliver is a technology-challenged person who is not good at using smartphones and social media. Oliver finds struggles to keep his wanting closeness with their sons and gets disappointed. Soon the home of Oliver comes with some unexpected happening followed by several events that unfold the rest of the story. 


The film #Home is directed by Rojin Thomas who had previously directed the hit film Philips and the Monkey Pen. The story, screenplay, and dialogue are also written by Rojin Thomas. The film is produced by Vijay Babu under his production company of Friday Film House and the movie is currently streaming through Amazon Prime Videos. 

Home is something that comes with many life and emotions, it’s a place that we can find ourselves, it’s like a place where we can find happiness and it’s a place where we are secured so for me my home is my heaven. Like I said #Home is a movie filled with joy, happiness, sentiments, and surprises which can give smile on everyone’s face. The story of this film is compressed with the events that can happen in any home, it’s linked with the current living scenarios. The story is great, it correctly got the components to connect with the mind of the audience also, the way the story unfolds with the various event leading to the climax was beautifully written. The detailing of the script and how every character was written out need to be specially mentioned because every character which appears in the film connects with us, how are their life, what are their emotions and how they are going through it and also the happiness which comes across them easily makes an adequate connection so while watching one can feel the presence of their home. The plot is served with several happenings, many events are leading the story and its connecting scenes are also in a huge a number so one needs to focus and also the film is having a duration of 161 minutes so to be hitched within the film the story and screenplay needs to be effective and fortunately the well productive writing and the balanced presentation of screenplay makes the script steady. Therefore one doesn’t need to be worried about the lengthy duration, the fine writing, and the competent making makes this film like a sweet home. 

The direction from Rojin Thomas was outstanding, the way he made the movie is heart whelming. The making of Rojin Thomas was entirely passionate, he was having the right ideas on how to make this movie pleasing and while watching one get easily related to its premise. The fun-filled and feel-good moments he had brought out in the making and on the script were elegant because accurate attachment to relate the story and its characters were in the right manner. The way he took the movie step by step to express the emotions of the characters was refreshing and the pleasant feel which the movie passes through the making makes the film more compelling. Importantly the director had authentically used the talents of every actor, the guidelines he gave to the performers to present the acting as natural was evident. The surprising factor is that the director did the right justice to the script because the maker had cleverly understood the exact time and right moment on where to add the emotions and also when to attach the next associating scenes so no one can feel any kind of incompatibility, therefore the constant making will help to hook on within the film and its surroundings. Also like I said the feel-good components are surrounded by the story and making so none of these factors was overdramatic, everything was properly balanced on the right scale avoiding the cliches. 

The writing of the screenplay was also excellent especially when it comes to portraying emotions. The entire screenplay is flowing with many feelings and emotions like parenthood, affection, care, respect, brotherhood, anger, sorrow, love, and selfishness so bringing out all of these emotions and blending with the characters was written out perfectly. These emotions were settling with the characters appropriately and a faithful job was done to mix them with various situations. In the second half, the script is having a subplot that carries a flashback and it was penned flawlessly also how this subplot connects to the present scenarios was written out genuinely resulting in a wonderful ending. The dialogues were also extremely powerful, particularly the dialogue of the sentimental scenes. Those words from the actor Indrans was having the power to melt the heart. Also, the motivating dialogues were not at all felt dramatic, some of the inspiring words were giving more beauty to the scenarios. So overall Rojin Thomas after his first film ‘The Philps and the Monkey Pen’ had once again bounce with an enjoyable entertainer that has a striking making and a gratifying story, offering a movie that has its moments of a sweet and loving home.


The film comprises the casting of Indrans, Sreenath Bhasi, Nalsen K. Gafoor, Manju Pillai, Kainakary Thankaraj, Deepa Thomas, Vijay Babu, Anoop Menon, Johny Antony, Priyanka Nair, Minon, Aju Varghese, Asha Aravind, Srikant Murali, Pauly Valsan and many more. Indrans as Oliver Twist did a spectacular performance, the movie is all about his shining performance. He was living as the character, the qualities and mannerisms he expressed for his father’s character was fascinating to watch. The affection and love of a father were amazingly seen in the acting of Indrans. His love towards his two sons, his concern about the family, and the innocence in his character were acted out brilliantly. His sentimental scenes were priceless, the sorrowful emotions which come to his face at the emotional scenes were charming to pass its feel. The dialogue delivery was authentic and the way he expresses was purely natural, therefore like said #Home is all about the incredible performance from Indrans. Sreenath Bhasi as Antony Oliver Twist did an impressive performance. His combination scene with Indrans was beautiful filling with love, anger, and affection. The amazing dialogue delivery by Sreenath Bhasi was having the perfect timing especially when it comes to the scenes having anger. Manju Pillai as Kuttiyamma who performed as the mother and wife were excellent. The scenes which she uses to express the love and concern of a caring mother were awesome to watch. Nalsen K. Gafoor as Charles Oliver Twist did a speculator performance. His situational humor and the way he presented it were entertaining. His character has the love and affection for his brother and family and Nalsen had given his best to make it more beautiful. Vijay Babu as the psychiatrist Dr. Franklin was good with the right qualities of a psychiatrist. His approach and the way he carried the character were adequate. Deepa Thomas as Priya did a noteworthy performance. As a lover the behavior she gave to the character was catchy. The supporting roles played by Srikant Murali and Johny Antony were wonderful. Johnny Antony as the friend of Indrans did a strong performance, his comedies were funny and the timing of dialogue was impressive. Priyanka Nair’s role and KPSC Lalitha’s role were unexpected and they delivered a good surprising performance. Pauly Valsan, Ashlin Jospeh, Asha Aravind, and Kiran Aravindakshan come with small roles and everyone was fine with their performance. Anoop Menon, Aju Varghese and Maniyanpilla Raju did complete justice to their respective cameo roles. 


The cinematography is done by Neil D’Cuncha and the editing is made by Prejish Prakash whereas the musical composition of the film is tuned by Rahul Subrahmanian. The cinematography was rich in visuals, the shots and frames of a home were beautifully captured. The close-up shots to catch the emotions of the characters were giving more appealing. The incredible lighting techniques enforced in the indoor scenes and dark scenes were flawless. The editing by Prejish Prakash was not giving any kind of mismatching experience, the cuts were sharp and perfect and also some of the grading tunes were impressive. As the music director, Rahul Subramanian did a specular job. The songs were enjoyable to hear and the exceptional background score had given more impact.  The song ‘Onnu Unarane Vanu’ was melodious with the right beats and had linked genuinely to set the flashback scenes. Another song called ‘Mukiluthodaanaayi’ was amusing to hear with its delightful tunes and lyrics. The background score was extraordinary, for building the feel-good emotions the background tunes had done a significant job. All the background tunes were perfectly sinking to bring out the precise emotions and feelings. Also, the background score had clearly helped to showcase the ongoing emotion of the characters which will help to realize their present feeling. 


So overall #Home had given me a delightful heart whelming experience, the performance from actors and the well-written script and fantastic making make this movie charming like a sweet home. I strongly recommend this beautiful movie to watch with your family and with your loved ones, the character Oliver Twist played by Indrans will surely find a place in your hearts.