Drishyam 2 Review: Full on suspense and gripping till the end, Georgekutty executes it gain

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Review for Drishyam 2: 

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•ONE WORD: Full on suspense and gripping till the end, Georgekutty executes it gain. 


Drishyam 2, is the sequel to the blockbuster movie Drishyam released in 2013. The team is now back again for a promising sequel with the same cast and different crew, the film takes place after six years of the various events related to the first part, the family premise of Georgekutty continues. The movie is directed by Jeethu Joseph who also handles the story and screenplay. The movie is produced by Antony Perumbavoor under the production of Aashiravad Cinemas. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the movie comes under the OTT platform, released by Amazon Prime Videos.  

When the sequel of Drishyam was announced by the makers an expectation was elevated, wondered what the film is going to be and how the film can take off after the outrageous incidents, also will this sequel can justify its first part. Yes, I felt too many questions just like everyone, after watching the teaser expectations were below but after watching the released trailer the earlier expectations had raised, it was promising. Still, questions were raised about how the movie is gonna be and can it do justice, ultimately Drishyam 2 is not for a just watch, it’s a must-watch. The happiest thing I loved while watching Drishyam 2 is that it gave the same touch and impact as Drishyam first part, I was equally thrilled and satisfied. I still remember the release day of Drishyam and the impact which the movie had given me while watching inside a packed theatre, after leaving the theatre the feel which the movie had offered was speechless. Honestly, the climax and ending were haunting from that moment, on next day even after waking up from the sleep the climax which I saw on the screen was obsessing in all manner. Now after completing Drishyam 2, I’m surrounded by the same feel and situation of the first part, the ending is once again haunting and provoking. 

To describe in simple words, Drishyam 2 is an honest and massive sequel to the first part, credits go to the marker Jeethu Joseph. He once again proved that he is one of the best directors for making crime and suspense movies. The direction held by Jeethu Joseph is the top prior winning success of Drishyam 2, his truthful making and genuine writing helps this sequel to taste the winning success. He precisely knows what are all the elements that are needed for a suspense thriller and the rights blends are added equally in Drishyam 2 which makes it as a worth watch for a big time. The most interesting part I liked in the writing of Drishyam 2 is the way how the story gets developed after 6 six years. The occurrences that happened in the life of Georgekutty was written down beautifully that which doesn’t get diverted from the track also how the further upcoming incidents happening to him and his family was pen down convincingly, I couldn’t find any off-balance or exaggerated. The writing takes enough time to establish which was interesting and slowly the plot and screenplay get into the actual track of a thriller, and when fetches the steps no one can step back, one will completely hook into the watching and can never leave without completing it. The film offers the right moments to hold the attention of the viewers, it creates the actual tension on knowing what is next, the arousing thrilling mood was all over luminously evident in the second half, like the same Drishyam first part. The curiosity on how the movie is going to be ended was equally irresistible and compelling, couldn’t take the eye off and the climax was alleviating to haunt and also pacifying to think further. 

The direction of Jeethu Joseph also needs to be mentioned just like his awesome script work. The whole making held by Jeethu Joseph was outstanding that doesn’t get slack at any point. The entire direction was intense to execute this sequel as the best and favourable, the challenge of making this sequel as extraordinary as the first part can be tough but the passionate making of him made the whole film to raise to meet the expectations. The components that are rendered in the screenplay was according to maintain the impact of the twist, so the written occasions associating with the entire ending was genuine and credible for the viewing experience. The mood of creating the thrill, establishing the happy family moments, making the situational humour, working out the sentiments and finally building the tensions and curiosity are safely and effectively written in screenplay also thus calculated in the right form without losing its actual path. The written dialogues were also notable, the right form of conversations was added, nothing gets filmy or dramatic. The words were having the power to stabilize the mood of the premise, also the emotional exchanges between the central characters were harmonizing to set the numerous scenarios.  

The twist and turns that we can see in Drishyam 2 are more than we saw in the first part. Here towards the end of the second half things gets unpredictable, the ending is completely unexpected, I’m sure no can predict or make an assumption on ending, will witness something unbelievable. The engaging second half is uniformly held by the different problems and difficulties held by the central characters and how these problems affect and by what methods does the central character deal with it to resolve is taken down in the whole script without any confusions or complications. The climax is like a whole package full of surprise and amazement that can shock anyone, how and what are all the things that Georgekutty does to protect his family will he fascinating, striking and astounding to watch. The climax and the alternate ending was completely satisfying and fulfilling, which leaves the question that will it be possible for a common man to undertake these problems to protect his family and gives an ultimate answer of yes. The only drawback I found in the writing is the interval twist, it was like the one we can see in television serials, was also predictable by their over screen presence. But this small issue will be resolved by the tremendous shocking climax and by the performance of Mohanlal. 

Mohanlal as Georgekutty shines once again, he just slips into the character sight, never felt like acting to do it. Here the character speaks louder than words, it’s a role that undergoes more with expressions and manners so Mohanlal just gets into it deeper and delivers the best and greatest. The numerous emotions which the character Georgekutty underlying in varied situations are crucial, actually challenging to perform but Mohanlal lives through these emotions flawlessly, knows when and where to use it and does perfectly without any single errors. Mohanlal using his eye as a tool to express the different emotions such as feelings, excitements, sentiments, attitude, enthusiasm, tensions, desperateness etc was governed premodernity without losing any grasp and that’s why he is termed as the complete actor.  Meena as the wife Rani did a notable performance, her combination scene with Mohanlal was promising also the characteristic of a concerned mother was safer in her hands. Her emotional scene was also good and the suspicion which she exhibits thinkings about the incidents, her daughters and the safety of her families and concern about her husband were brought brilliantly by Meena as per the qualities or the character. Ansiba Hassan did a crucial role in the first part, the intensity was seen in her whole performance and the combination scene with Mohanlal expressed the sensible love of a father and daughter. Esther Anil as Anu comes as a modern girl who can speak English fluently did a great job. Even though performing she was having less but the vital role plays an important presence and whatever she does was precise to form the happening. Mural Gopi was surprising as the police officer, the mannerism of higher rank officer was throughout seen in his performance. Siddique and Asha Sharath comes with an extended supporting performance and both did complete justice to their respective characters. The fights and hateful posture is evident in their eyes of both the characters and did a spectacular job. Sai Kumar’s important role was the turning point and he performed brilliantly according to the right way which the character demand. Anjali Aneesh Upasana’s character was average and was not fond of how the way she undertook it, she was not a perfect match to do it. 

Looking into the technical aspects, the cinematography for the film is done by Satheesh Kurup and editing is performed by V.S Vinayak. The cinematography was fair and modest offering good frames of urban beauty. It can’t be called a spectacular work but what a movie like Drishyam demands the cameraman gives interesting shots and frames. Liked the indoor shots, neat lighting techniques were used. There were many indoor scenes and on every scene especially at the night shots the lighting arrangements shows the certain skill of cinematographer and his teams. The editing of V.S Vinayak was also crisp and clear for suspense thrilling films, the transitions were impressive and the cuts don’t give any sort of mismatches. The background score tuned by Anil Johnson was also peerlessly matching to set the premise of thrill and excitement. Whenever the film demands, he gives the right tunes to set the mood, especially towards the end. 

So If I am again continuing with my words this review will turn into a spoiler so can end up my promising one thing, Drishyam 2 is an honest and justifying remake that can be worth our valuable time. It’s a film that has it’s moments and prominence to prove that it’s a worthy sequel also the makers had lived and managed to meet the expectations to provide a compelling suspense crime thriller. Therefore to conclude I would say the return of Georgekutty and his family is a treat to watch for every type of audience, just go for it and never miss it. 


• RATING: 4/5