Athiran Movie Review


Review for Athiran:

•Language: Malayalam.
•Genre: Psychological Horror Drama.
•Duration: 02 Hours 15 Minutes.
•Theatre: KSFDC Lenis Cinemas Trivandrum.
•Status: 70%


1: Direction.
2: Story, Screenplay & Dialogues.
3: Performance of actors.
4: Music and BGM.
5: Cinematography.
6: Technical Aspects.

1: Predictable Story.

ONE WORD: A completely different package of thrilling and psychological experience.


The story begins on an isolated mental asylum in the high range of Kerala where a doctor comes to check the condition of the hospital and patients. The story further revolves around the premise of the hospital with unexpected events on a thriller backdrop.


The movie is directed by the debutant director Vivek Sreekumar who himself also handles the story, screenplay, and dialogues.

As a debutant director, Vivek Sreekumar can be proud of himself for making a gripping psychological romantic movie. The way the director had executed the film with the backdrop of many genres deserves a huge applause. The film has various categories of subject like psychology, romance, actions, horror, sentiments and all these were brilliantly directed by the writer. The making held by Vivek is the first winning key success of Athiran.

The director had also mastery captured the unique acting talents of the actor Fahadh Faasil and Sai Pallavi victoriously according to the story and screenplay. Importantly, there were many chances to form diversion and lagging but when the movie travels to the main plot the maker had genuinely won to write and direct the complete movie according to the core of the plot and also to avoid tedious occurrence.

The story was engaging till the end but the twist towards the climax will be predictable but still due to the phenomenal making style the movie will keep on hooking the audience till the end.

The screenplay and dialogues written by the director was first class because the movie and the script revolve with various incidents and events and for the setting, so the maker had done a wonderful effort throughout the movie to bring out an authentic feel. The using of each subject in the screenplay was excellent because the story demands the elements of romance, actions, sentiments, betrayal, parenthood, horrors, psychology so ultimately the director was able to write these factors successfully according to the soul of the plot without making confusing stuff.

Another important winning component to be noted in the direction and the writing is the effective using of Kalari martial arts and its culture. In many movies, we had seen the aspect of Kalari but in Athiran the implementation of Kalari was on another striking level. Whatever the maker had shown about Kalari was a visual treat with the presence of our favorite movie star in the casting.

The entire dialogues in the film were astounding because the conversation between every character was having a realistic sense and also the vibe in the sharp and catchy dialogues had given a different feel of thoughts. Also, the catchy conversation between the character were having the soulful momentum in building the real impact which will definitely dominate the audience to engage in the film.

So overall the ultimate winning credits of Athiran lie in the court of Vivek Sreekumar through his direction, story, screenplay, and dialogues which conveys eventful and truly gives every viewer an unusual different punch and glow to celebrate.


The movie Athiran comes with the casting of Fahadh Faasil, Sai Pallavi, Athul Kulkarni, Renji Panicker, Lena, Nandu, Sudev Nair, Shanthi Krishna, Leona Lishoy, Surabhi Lakshmi, Vijay Menon, and Prakash Raj.

Fahadh Faasil with his twist oriented character delivers another career-best performance. Thr entire performance and acting of Fahadh Faasil was spectacular with his unique style. The seriousness and the various characterization was acted out astoundingly. The action and stunts of Fahadh were speechless with his stylish and salient moves. The emotional scenes were predominant and the romantic scenes with Sai Pallavi were memorable. No word to say it was his unbelievable show time.

Sai Pallavi as Nithya did a shocking and superior performance. Her screen presence until the end will surely haunt every viewer because the acting was purely special and conspicuous. The body language of her for the martial art Kalari was sensational. The disability in her character and the acting to it was noteworthy. The cuteness of her outlook and the romantic scenes were magical. She just stole the show the Fahadh Faasil.

Athul Kulkarni as the chief doctor delivered a mind-blowing job. The suspicious and negative shade was acted out unbelievably by Athul Kulkarni. The attitude as a chief doctor and the villain shadow was safer in his hands. His combination scenes with Fahadh was thrilling and engaging. His action styles were also terrific.

The supporting roles of Lena, Surabhi Lakshmi, Shanthi Krishna, Leona Lishoy was also first class. Everyone did total justice to their respective characters with the acting of giving out the real emotions. Lena’s performance deserves a special mention.

Renji Panicker did a spellbinding performance by his genuine acting and daring action moves on Kalari. Sudev Nair and Vijay Menon as the patient were impressive and Nandhu as the worker of the hospital also did a notable job. His situational comedies had worked out well. Prakash Raj with his surprising cameo role did a top-notch performance.


The musical work of the movie is composed by PS Jayhari and Ghibran. The songs were tuned by PS Jayahari and the background score was handled by Ghibran.

The song ‘Pavizha Mazha’ sung by KS Harisankar had given a romantic feel by its intense lyrics which was written by the composer. Also, the song ‘Ee Thazhvare’ had created a curiosity feel and the lyrics of Engandiyoor Chandrashekaran was matching perfectly to set the scenes. The other song ‘Aattuthottil’ sung by Vinay Sasikumar showed the intensity of parenthood.

As a psychological horror thriller film, the Background score master Ghibran had done an extreme sincere work for giving out the exemplary tunes. For the thrilling scenes, BGM had set the flawless mood and for the romantic scenes, the background score had given a loveable experience. The BGM tunes for the emotional scenes had also given the right sentimental feel.

The cinematography by Anu Moothedath is praiseworthy. The beautiful frames of nature were delightful to the eyes. The camera movements for the action sequences were captivating. The close-up shots in the crucial scenes especially at showing the emotions of love, sadness, curiosity, and anger were irresistible. The editing of Ayoob Khan was sharp and clear with the perfect cuts without making mismatches.

The Art Director deserves a big thumbs up for making the realistic and convincing sets. The entire members behind the stunts and action also deserve huge applause. The costume designer had also done an impressive job for bringing out the right wardrobes.


Therefore to conclude, by the clever making in direction, story, technical aspects and by the performance of actors, Athiran had given me an unforgettable experience. So in all manner, Athiran is an extremely fascinating movie with the victorious components which will definitely thrill every type of audience.

VERDICT: Complete Worth Watch.
RATING: 3.5/5.