Ruby – The gem stone of Lord Sun


The best among Navaratnas is Ruby aka Manikyam which comes in the middle portion in a navaratna ring. This precious stone is also known as Pathmaragam, Ratnaraj, Ratnanayak, Lohitham, Sougandhikam, Basuratna, Chunni, Roogal, Sooryakanthamani etc. According to the holy bible, it is believed that, God created these stones when he created human beings. The ruby stones were costlier eight times than diamonds in 16th century. The stone was popular in India especially in the royal palaces. The kings believed that, if a powerful ruby is worn, he would not be affected by enemies at all. They kept these stones in their custody for years and observed them too as they believed that, the colour of the stone changes when there is any kind of attack or annoyance. Some pierced these stones to their bodies to get courage and conquer the enemies. 

The science says that, the diamond is the hardest stone among the navaratnas. The stones which belong to the Corundum family are then the next hardest ones found on earth. The family members of this group includes, ruby, sapphire etc. In corundum family, the yellow ones are known as yellow sapphire, blue ones are the blue sapphire and the red ones are known as ruby. These stones contain high percentage of oxides.  In the structure of ruby stone, the aluminium oxide and chromium are found more and thus it is assumed that, they are red in colour. In tropical countries, the hardness of these stones is measured up to 9.00 even. Sri Lanka, Burma, Brazil, Thailand etc are the countries which produce high quality of ruby stones. The best among them are from the mines in Burma. However, the replacements for ruby stones, made artificially or duplicates are plenty in the market now. Experts also at times, get confused in distinguishing between the real and the fake ones. 

Still there are ways to find out whether the stone is real or not through some simple trials. Hold the stone below the sunlight and see whether the stone emits red rays. If the stone is fully immersed into milk and leave it for some time, we can observe that, the colour of the milk changing to red slowly. Rub the stone and see, instead of getting scratches; you can see the increase in its shine. The pure stone will be heavy and if you place it on your eye lid, it will be really cold where if a fake one is kept, it will be warm. The pure stone is found in two colours and the artificial ones are in one. The real stone will be more attractive in its looks than the fake ones. Stones like, ones with  less or no shine, milky white in colour, same stone appeared in two colours from different angles, visible nets inside the stone, smoky stones, dirty ones, broken or scratchy ones, honey coloured, etc would bring the effects which the person who wears do not prefer at all in his/her lives. There will not be any positive results at all instead they will bring all the negative effects into a life. 

Be very careful while selecting these stones. It is advised to be cautious as the stones like, ruby and blue sapphire etc react or produce effects much faster than expected. People who wear them for fun or for jewellery decoration should be careful as it is heard that, people who wore ruby without proper consultations have encountered many difficulties which have gone beyond their control. An astrologer or gemmologist would never suggest these stones without proper studies of one’s horoscope. They are also scared to the fact that, the pure stones are not much available in the 

market nowadays. Recent developments in making artificial stones have even started getting more shining surfaces than the real ones to fool the buyers. 

The stone is believed to be a healer of blood related diseases.   Ruby is advised for people suffering from blood circulation issues, dysentery, head ache, heart diseases, bone related issues, blood 

cancer etc. The sun is the lord of this stone. Since, the sun is the king of planets; thus the stone is also capable of making one king. It gives; power, business, independence, career advancement, self confidence, courage, mental strength, fearlessness, reputation and acceptance in the society etc are the benefits of wearing this stone. But, these benefits are not for all, if sun stands nowhere near the favourable position in a horoscope, there is no point in wearing this stone. If worn, repeat that, the person who wears would have to face the consequences. Though below we are going to brief about general favourable lagnams, it is highly recommended that, you consult a learned gemmologist or astrologer before deciding on this stone.  

  • Medam Lagnam 

 Generally, it is beneficial for people who are born in Medam Lagnam. Education, wisdom, astrological benefits, kids, appreciations on artistic talent exhibitions, health, etc are positives which a medam lagnam native could acquire if a ruby is worn. 

  • Chingam Llagnam

Chingam is sun’s own rashi. So, it is highly beneficial for these natives. However, people who are in chingam are also advised to look at the horoscope standings before proceeding. Status, popularity, wealth, health, peace of mind and career are the benefits of this wearing this stone for this lagnam. 

  • Vruschikam Lagnam

Lord Sun is the ruler of vruschikam tenth rashi and also the planet is friendly with mercury. So, this relationship allows people in Vruschikam lagnam to wear ruby. High careers, social acceptance, reputation, money, vehicles, own houses, travel, positions etc are the benefits of wearing this stone. 

  • Dhanu Lagnam 

It is also advised for dhanu lagnam natives but, after a thorough consultation only. It may bring, luck, make religious believes stronger, luck through kids, foreign travel and career to the wearer. 

Ruby could be worn along with yellow sapphire and red coral. But, under any circumstances, it is not advised to wear along with blue sapphire, diamond, emerald etc. Ruby could be worn on ring finger either in your left or right hand. It can also be worn as a pendant. Each stone has a recommended metal in which the stone should be made in the form of a ring, bracelet or pendant. The advised metals for ruby are copper and gold. The price of the stone depends on the weight of the stone. However, no astrologer or gemmologist would recommend something beyond the required weight. It depends on the sun’s status in the native’s horoscope. Since, ruby is the stone of Lord Sun, it is highly recommended to start wearing the stone on a Sunday preferably after one hour post sunrise. 

Wash the ring in milk and wipe it with soft cloth or cotton. Get blessings from elderly people; chant Lord Sun’s mantram 108 times while wearing the stone. It is advised to repeat the chant every day.

  • Lord Sun’s Mantram 

Japaakusuma sankaasham;kaashyapeyam mahaadyuthim|

जपा: कुसुम: संकाशं काश्यपेयं महाद्युतिम ।  

Thamorim sarva paapaghnam;Pranathosmi divaakaram|| 

तमोरिं सर्वपापघ्नं प्रणतोस्मि: दिवाकरं ॥    

May God bless!

Harimohan, for