Sarath Kumar says : I am proud of having acted with Mammootty

Sarath Kumar in "Pazhaasi Raja"

Famous Tamil actor Sarath Kumar, acted with Mammootty for the magnum opus ‘Pazhassi Raja’ is much excited about the project and its outcome. The actor find it as his pride to get an opportunity to act along side Mammootty who is donning the title role in the movie.

“Mammootty is an amazing actor who doesn’t have any starry airs around him. It is quite exciting to watch him act and now we are thick friends.” observes Sarath Kumar.

In ‘Pazhaasi Raja’,Sarath Kumar as Edachena Kunkkan, the army chief of the Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja

The historical movie Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja, completed in around 25 crores is expected to grace the theatres by next week as a Diwali release

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