Rafi N Mecartin Quits The Sequel Work

Script writers Rafi and Mecartin have said a no to the sequel of the famous hit “Punjabi House”. There was a buzz in the industry that the duo was going to make a sequel of the blockbuster film “Punjabi House”. Now it seems they would script a new film for a new director, Fazil who is debuting with Pritviraj. It’s reported that Rafi and Mecartin had to script Vysakh’s “Mallu Singh” and that’s the reason they dropped the sequel.The film is being produced by Howly Pottur.Rafi and Mecartin had put a full stop for the new trend, sequel making. Earlier, the duo declared that they are going to make a sequel to the superhit film “Punjabi House”. But now as they are busy with scripting Vysakh’s “Mallu Singh” they themselves back off from the project. Their new project would be for the new comer director Fazil who is making his entry in to the industry along with Pritviraj. Howly Pottur is the producer of the film.

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