Nitya’s Sweet Response Against Her Debar

The so called ‘debar’ which was put upon South Indian star in demand, Nitya Menon is in its way to altercation. Famous social networks like Facebook and Google Buzz are in form to support the lady’s innocency. In an interview, the actress cleared her part by saying that, Cinema is not her passion and she wont bow down herself for a chance. The lady who gained numerous fans through her dazzling role in Urumi, is in full confidence to raise against the prohibition. The messenger between Nitya Menon and the team of producers were not a mere manager, instead she is one of the leading Director in the Telugu Film Industry, Nitya’s best pal. In such a scenario, the social talk is that, the producers dehandled their official powers against her, which came out of simple “ego”. She also pointed that, she already refused in cast in “Chattakari” produced by Suresh Kumar, and that the producer knew it from the very beginning. Comments of movie lover is that, the youth should boycott the movies of such producers who speak out without thinking their dos and donts. Supporting all this, fans have now asked the producers to apologise to her for putting her down for useless cases. She stated that, they came forward without a pre appointment and in turn disturbed her in her work. In such case, she will never apologise for the mistake, which is not of hers.


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