Malayalam Movie Thriller review

Movie Name : Thriller
Rating : 2/5
Cast : Prithviraj, Catherine, Sampath, Siddique, Lalu Alex, Vijayaraghavan
Direction : B Unnikrishnan
Production : Sabu Cheriyan
Music : Dharan

Story :
Niranjan (Prithviraj) is Deputy Commissioner of Police, who is investigating into the murder of Simon Palathinkal, the scion of a wealthy business empire, who lived life on his own terms. Niranjan who happened to see Simon dying and two dreaded criminals fleeing from the spot, tries to unveil the mystery behind the murder nd before long zeroes in on Martin Dinakar (Sampath) a Dubai based underworld pin, with whom the murdered man had major issues with.

Perfomance :
Prithviraj is the total focus here and the actor has been presented quite like a superhero. He has the charm for sure and looks quite convincing in those scenes where he has to prove his valour.Supporting him with equal ease is Tamil star Sampath, who delivers his recent best as Martin Divakar. Infact, it is the performance of both of these actors that catapult the movie .The rest of the cast including Siddique, Lalu Alex and Vijayaraghavan, have done their jobs fine. The heroine, Catherine’s presence is mainly limited to a song sequence and a few scenes.

Music :
The songs by Dharan are just average,while The BG scores by Shaanmon are quite impressive.

Direction :
B Unnikrishnan has relied on a genre that holds scant novelty for the present-day audiences.The story gets into the same old good versus bad mould. Besides, the story has been stretched unnecessarily and the climax, which should’ve been a high point, doesn’t rise to the expected mark.The film was expected to work on certain levels and it often does. But unfortunately, those levels aren’t much that would make an edge-of-the-eat thriller. And when it doesn’t move an inch further that what is expected, it merely remains a fast and loud film that makes the same noise that dozens of films before it have produced.

Overall verdict:
‘The Thriller’ has its limitations due to its oft-repeated theme.It is meant for the hardcore fans of Prithviraj. For the rest of the world, the film may be interesting in parts, at best.

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