Malayalam Movie Karyasthan Review

Movie Name : Kaaryasthan
Rating : 3/5
Cast: Dileep, Madhu, Salim Kumar, G.K. Pillai, Suraj, Akhila, Vandana, Jagathy, Siddique, Biju Menon
Direction : Thomson K Thomas
Production : Aneeta
Music : Berny Ignatious

Story :
Dileep’s 100th film ‘Kaaryasthan’ revolves around the story of a feud between two families named as Puthezhath and Kizhakkedath, headed by two Karanavars (played by Madhu & G K Pillai) in a village called Krishnapuram .The two families who were in great companionship in the olden days were forced to fight each other after a bitter happening and a death that occurred subsequently during the marriage of Rajan (Siddique) son of Madhu.Siddique is then forced to flee from the place to a village in Tamil Nadu, with his wife. After several years, Rajan’s son Krishnanunni (Dileep) comes back to Krishnapuram as a Kariyasthan, to bring the two families together once again. But he soon learns that it was never going to be an easy task. During his stay there, Krishnanunni falls in love with Sreebala (Akhila), who belongs to the Puthezhathu tharavadu where he is employed.The movie then goes on to tell how Krishnanunni manages to clear of the ambiguities in the events that really created the rifts and how he wins the hearts of both the Karanavars as well to end up fruitfully in his mission.

Perfomance :
In the acting front Dileep is good at times and painfully boring at other sequences.Akhila makes a decent entry into Malayalam films, and looks and acts like a charm.She has great energy levels and good dancing skills. Senior actors like Madhu, G K Pillai and Siddique manages their roles safely with least efforts.Suraj Venjarammood is in top form and makes things humorous with his antics.Salim Kumar, Harishree Ashokan and Thesni Khan fail miserably to get things going in their side track.

Music :
The music by Berny-Ignatious are hummable and are pictured with plenty of colors. The song with serial stars in typical ‘Om Shanti Om’ model was successfull to a certain extent.

Direction :
Director Thomson doesn’t experiment much here and has often used the highly conventional pattern of narration, while making Kariyasthan.You can find every emotion in the required measures that would be essential in a formulaic film.

Overall verdict:
Kariyasthan certainly follows the same old formula, but even then it is a fairly enjoyable ride.Though a bit lengthy at more than two hours and forty five minutes, the film has some hilarious situations and is a fairly decent effort in general, if you don’t have a problem with its rather jaded storyline.

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