Malayalam Movie Best Actor Review

Movie Name : Best Actor
Rating : 4/5
Cast : Mammooty, Sruthi Ramakrishan, Nedumudi Venu, Salimkumar, Lal, KPAC Lalitha, Sukumari
Director : Martin Prakkat
Producer : Anto Joseph,Naushad
Music : Biji Bal

Story :

Mammootty plays the role of Mohan who is a U.P. school Hindi teacher.Known to be a popular teacher of the school and good in taking classes, he is also a good family man giving adequate care to his family consisting of his son Unnikuttan and his wife Savithri (SruthiRamakrishnan),who is also a music teacher.His secret desire is to become a movie actor.

In a moment of indecisiveness, Mohan drops his job and leaves his family for making a big name in cinema.Heapproaches his old friend who is working on the scriptfor a new movie and meets a new director and his crew in Kochi.The director declines him the role citing the reason that the movie deals with violence and advices him to observe goons and gangsters in the streets of Kochi for acting effectively.Heeding the director’s advice Mohan totally changes his appearance and joins a 4 member gang (Lal, Nedumudi Venu, Salim Kumar and Vinayakan) to observe and study them. The second half of the movie is all about Mohan’s life and survival with the gang.

Perfomance :

Mammootty’s brilliant performance provides an engrossing feel to the viewer.He looks convincing with his style, mannerisms and dialogue delivery.The casting of Nedumudi Venu, Lal and Salim Kumar are really appreciable. Their performance is the real bonus and added more mileage for the movie, especially Salim Kumar’s comedy. The heroine Sruthi Ramakrishnan has done her role gracefully

Direction :

The movie marks the debut of photographer turned director Martin Prakatt.He did very well, first with a fresh subject and again with peppy narration.

Music :

Bijibal’s music is peppy especially the song ‘swapnam oru chaakku”.

Overall verdict:

This is going to be one of the best movies of 2010.Best Actor will satisfy all the classes especially the family classes.A total fun-filled movie with all the ingredients audience demanded.

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