Harisree Asokan turns singer

Malayalam comedian Harisree Asokan turned singer with the album “Kanni Ayyapan” – he has sung two devotional songs for it.

“I always wanted to sing and I got a chance now. I have sung two songs for the album that has nine songs. Rajiv Alungal has written the lyrics. I am really happy that I have done it for Lord Ayyapan who is my favourite deity,” Asokan told IANS.

Asokan is one of the leading comedy artistes in the Malayalam film industry and in his 15-year career he has featured in more than 200 movies.

This new album is scheduled to release later this week, ahead of this year’s pilgrimage season to Kerala’s Sabarimala temple that starts Nov 16.

“It has been titled ‘Kanni Ayyapan’ just because it is my debut in singing and it perfectly fits because anyone who visits Sabarimala for the first time is known as a ‘Kanni Ayyapan’,” said Asokan.

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