Rafale flights for India departed from France

Rafale flights

New Delhi: The first batch of Rafale aircraft will soon arrive from France to strengthen the Air Force. Flights departing from France will arrive in India on July 29. Five fighter jets of the first batch of Rafale jets will land at Ambala Air Base in Haryana. In 2016, India signed a Rs 59,000 crore deal with France to buy 36 Rafale aircraft.

12 Air Force pilots have been trained to operate Rafale jets. Many others are in training. The French Air Force tanker aircraft accompanies the Rafale aircraft for fuel purposes.

The Indian Ambassador to France was in contact with Indian pilots at the time of departure. He also conveyed a congratulatory message to India. Rafale’s features radar enhancements, advanced displays, low-band jammers, ‘cold start’ capability from high altitudes, 10 hours of flight data recording, infrared search and tracking systems.