Opposition youth organizations in the state clashed in several places during the march


Trivandrum: Opposition youth groups staged a protest in the state demanding the resignation of the Chief Minister as his office was involved in the gold smuggling case. Clashes broke out between activists and police in several places. Youth Congress, Youth League, and Yuva Morcha organizations have clashed with police in many places. The march was part of a state-wide protest.

The march by the Youth Congress to the residence of the Chief Minister in Kannur became violent. The march, which started from Mambaram, was led by Youth Congress state president Shafi Parambil. The police blocked the march about a kilometer away from Pinarayi’s residence. Subsequently, Kannur MP K Sudhakaran inaugurated the march. The activists turned to the police after K Sudhakaran returned from the inauguration of the march. Police used water cannon and tear gas to disperse the protesters. Activists also hurled large stones at police. Tensions continue in the area.

Youth activists who came to Kozhikode to march to Collectorate in March were involved in a police barricade. Police used grenades, lathi, and water cannons to disperse the activists. Youth League’s

15 activists, including state president PK Feroz, were injured. In Palakkad and Wayanad, there was a tussle between the Youth League activists and the police. The march by KSU workers in Kollam and Yuva Morcha activists in Kottayam also ended in clashes.

In Thiruvananthapuram, Yuva Morcha activists marched to the office of Sandeep, the accused in the gold smuggling case. Sandeep, who is also an active BJP activist, was blocked by police when he used a BJP march rope to his office. Protests continue in many districts.


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