‘No compromise on sovereignty and country’s security’: Union government says ‘no’ to the US


New Delhi: India has said a ‘no’ to US President Donald Trump’s promise to mediate in the Indo-China border conflict. Union Foreign Secretary Anurag Srivastava made this clear. He told reporters at a “virtual” news conference that India is not willing to compromise on the sovereignty and security of the country.

“India is in talks with China to end the tense situation on the Indo-China border and to bring peace between the two countries,” the foreign spokesman said. Both India and China are trying to solve problems on a military and diplomatic level. He also pointed out that China’s claim that India has crossed the border has been contradictory.

“India has dedicated itself to bringing about a peaceful and tranquil environment in the border areas. The armed forces of both countries will follow the directions given by their leaders. The Indian Army is keeping an eye on that. However, the government will take steps to ensure India’s sovereignty and security. ” He says.

Meanwhile, the possibility of tensions between the Indian Army and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army near the Galvan Valley in Ladakh and the Pangong Soo Lake has not diminished. China has deployed more than 1,000 troops in both places. However, India has dispatched a large number of troops to the area without any issue.

The Chinese have been deployed in three places in the Galvan Valley and one place in Pangong. Importantly, China aims to counter India’s efforts to boost infrastructure in the eastern Ladakh border. However, it is learned that India has not backed down from the construction work in these areas and that India has increased its military presence in these areas.

On May 5 and 6, clashes between India and China left hundreds of soldiers on both sides wounded. The tension between the two countries intensified after China provoked India by expanding its airbase near Pangong Lake.


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