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New law for ATMs; Relief for pensioners


New Delhi: ATMs have been introduced to curb the spread of Covid. As per the new rule, the ATM will be cleaned to prevent infection after all use. It has been started in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, and Chennai in Tamil Nadu. Municipal corporations currently clean ATMs in hot spots twice a day. Officials warned that ATM chambers would be closed if sanitation was not followed.

Meanwhile, those who opt for commutation from the Employees Provident Fund Organization will be given full pension from May. This benefit is available to EPFO members who retired on September 26, 2008. Those who retire on April 1, 2005, will be eligible for a higher pension beginning April 1, 2020, after the retirement of the pension. The pension EPFO will be available to them from May. 6.3 lakh pensioners will be benefited under this scheme.

This will cost the government an additional Rs 1,500 crore in the event of a crisis. The government notification was issued in February on the restoration of full pension for those who received commutation benefits. However, under the current EPF Act, EPFO members will not be entitled to commutation.

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