Koodathai Murder; Four under Custody


Kozhikode: Six persons, including a woman, were taken into custody in connection with the murder of six members of a family in Koodathai. The deceased Roy’s wife, Jolly, was taken into custody today. Jolly’s current husband Shaju, Shaju’s father Zacharia, and a jewelry employee, a relative of Jolly’s suspected, have also been taken into custody. They were taken to the Vadakara SP office. They are being interrogated in the presence of senior police officers. It is reported that they have confessed the crime.

Jolly was taken into custody in the presence of a female police officer this morning. The investigation team intends to move on to further scrutiny after the forensic results are obtained. Those under suspicion are planning to undergo tests, including brain mapping. Jolly has two sons in the first relationship. These are students.

Five members of a family and a relative of the Koodathayi family died in a similar situation over the years. Retired Education Officer Tom Thomas, wife Retired teacher Annamma, son Roy Thomas, Annamma’s brother Mathew Manchadiil, Tom Thomas’s brother, Shalu from Pulikayam and wife Sily and their son Alfine were dead. The first death occurred in 2002. The deaths were of the same nature. Relatives and locals thought the cause of death was a heart attack.