Chance of heavy rain and wind in Kerala; Extreme caution is advised

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Thiruvananthapuram: The Central Meteorological Department has warned the public and concerned people to be extra vigilant in case of thunderstorms and strong winds in Kerala.

Suggestions for general caution in dealing with strong winds

Strong winds can cause trees to fall and twigs to break. Do not stand under trees for any reason during wind and rain. Do not park vehicles in trees. Avoid standing on the terrace of the house.

Properly reinforce or loosen unsecured billboards, electric posts, and flagpoles in the absence of wind or rain, as trunks may fall. When it is raining and windy, vehicles should not be parked under or near it.

Those living in dilapidated, sheet-lined, or unsealed houses should contact the authorities in advance (at 1077) and move to safer buildings as and when required in the event of a warning.
The windows and doors of the houses should be closed as soon as the wind starts blowing. Do not stand near windows and doors.

Power lines and posts are more likely to break when wind and rain are strong. If any such accident is noticed, immediately report it to KSEB Control Room 1912 or District Disaster Management Authority Control Room on 1077. Troubleshooting should be avoided during the wind phase and only after the wind and rain have stopped. The public should patiently cooperate with KSEB employees. Do not do such repair work in public.

Those who go to work early in the morning, such as newspaper and milk distributors, should be especially careful. Efforts should be made to ensure that the power line does not break due to flooding of roads. If you suspect any danger, you should inform the control room and proceed only after making sure that there is no danger.

Construction workers should stop working when the wind and rain are strong and move to a safer place.
Dangerous twigs of trees in the backyard should be cut down. Inform the concerned local body secretary if any dangerous trees are noticed in public places.

Strong thunder is very dangerous. Be sure to sit safely inside the building during thunderstorms. Strict adherence to the lightning safety precautions issued by the State Disaster Management Authority.