Benny Behnan resigns as UDF convener MM Hassan is likely to replace him

Benny Behnan -

Kochi: Benny Behanan MP resigned as a post of UDF convener. Benny Behanan told the media that he had informed the central leadership of his decision to resign. Benny Behanan said the news of his rift with former Chief Minister Oommen Chandy hurt him and he did not want to continue in the baseless smokescreen. No one has asked to resign. The KPCC High Command had been directed to convene MM Hasan. Benny Behanan said the decision would be announced soon.

Oommen Chandy himself had suggested from Group A to vacate the post of convener during the parliamentary elections. The proposal was to replace Benny Behanan with MM Hasan, who is from Group A, as he is going to be busy as an MP. But Benny Behanan refused to accept the proposal. Following this, the decision was delayed. Benny Behanan, who was upset with Oommen Chandy’s move, got closer to Ramesh Chennithala. Meanwhile, there were reports that the difference of opinion between Benny and Oommen Chandy was sharp.

The resignation was discussed during a function in Thiruvananthapuram yesterday in connection with the function honoring Oommen Chandy. Benny had said he would resign after the parliamentary session. The KPCC explained that the resignation was announced accordingly. However, Benny Behanan’s statement made it clear that there were disputes within Group A over the convener’s position. Benny Behanan’s complaint to the Prime Minister regarding the Qur’an in the gold smuggling case was also controversial.