Justice NV Ramana Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

NV Ramana

New Delhi: President Ram Nath Kovind has appointed NV Ramana as the 48th Chief Justice of India. Justice SA Bobde will step down on April 23. NV Ramana will take office on April 24. Justice Ramana’s term ends on August 26, 2022.
Justice NV Ramana was born on August 27, 1957, in Ponnavaram village in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh to a farming family. He enrolled as a lawyer on February 10, 1983. Appointed Judge of Andhra Pradesh High Court on 27 June 2000. He served as the Acting Chief Justice from March 10 to May 20, 2013. Appointed Chief Justice of Delhi High Court on September 2, 2013. He became a Supreme Court judge on February 17, 2014.