Covid: Next four weeks will be crucial for 3 states


New Delhi: The central government has said that the situation in the country is extremely bad and the next four weeks will be crucial. “People are not taking seriously the warnings that the disease is spreading faster than last year,” he said. VK Paul responded. ‘The epidemic can be controlled in this situation as well. We need the support of the people, “he said. Covid is severe in 11 states, including Kerala, but the worst affected are Maharashtra, Punjab, and Chhattisgarh.
Unofficial estimates put the death toll at more than 30 million worldwide. The first 20 lakh deaths occurred in one year while the subsequent 10 lakh occurred in just 3 months. The countries with the highest daily mortality are now Brazil and India. India has reported 4.64 lakh cases and 2620 deaths in the last 5 days.