Nayattu Movie Review

Nayattu Movie Review -

Review for NAYATTU

•Language: MALAYALAM

•Duration: 02 HOURS 04 MINUTES.


• (THEATRE: JB CINEMAS NALLILA WITH 60% of the audience)









ONE WORD: A thrilling and haunting experience of present reality. 

• STORY IDEA: Nayattu tells the story about three police officers who are on a run to save their life after the outbreak of an arrest and torture of a Dalit civilian, will they escape from the law and goons also can they get back to their normal life is the rest of the story.


Nayattu is directed by Martin Prakkat who had previously done super hit films like Charlie and Best Actor. The movie is written by Shahi Kabir and the film is produced by director Ranjith and P. M. Sasidharan. The movie comes under the banner of Gold Coin Motion Picture in association with Martin Prakkat Films. The movie has the star casting of  Kunchacko Boban, Joju George and Nimisha Sajayan in the lead roles, along with Jaffar Idukki, Anil Nedumangad and Harikrishnan in supporting roles. Mahesh Narayanan edits the film while Shyju Khalid controls the cinematography. Vishnu Vijay composes the original songs and Akhil Alex composes the background score.

Nayattu is a thriller that showcases various shades about politics and our present governing systems which itself is the surprising factor of this film. The film is all about a hunt, struggling journey of three sincere police officers to save their life. Therefore, this journey of three police officers had given me a unique realistic thrilling experience, credits go to the court of the director, writer, actors and everyone who worked behind the screen. I am sure that after watching everyone can understand the effort and undertaking of powerful teamwork, it’s clearly evident that the whole movie was having the qualities of a great partnership. The direction of Martin Prakkat is simply outstanding, I personally loved his previous film like Charlie and Best Actor. So when he comes with Nayattu the genre itself was different and before watching I was having a small doubt whether he will be able to make a realistic thriller, but during the watching and after completing with confidence I can say that Martin Prakkat is a true filmmaker who can direct any kind of film. The making is the king here, the way he had executed the movie was different, the flow he maintained in the making was completely engaging till the end without any sort of errors. The direction was having the right mannerism according to the plot and screenplay so the entire making of the film was truly corresponding to the reality also the making style was closely relating to the content and theme without having any kind of diversion. 

The vision of the director Martin Prakkat was clear, he was having the right ideas on how this movie should be made and how can it be closely connected to the present reality furthermore importantly he also does know how to influence the viewers. Therefore the passionate making from Martin Prakkat had totally helped the movie to reach on wining level. The inner politics he had pointed out and the method he had used to exhibit it was on the right path without provoking anyone. Another plus factor I liked in the direction of Martin Prakkat was the quality he had brought in making. The movie travels into an extreme ultimate level of true reality which makes it special so while watching the realistic and natural making was having a prevailing power that can surely dominate everyone and will offer an accurate engaging viewing experience. The story and screenplay comprised of numerous events and circumstances so the duty of the director to implement it is not quite simple, chances were plenty to have slips and errors but the neat making and effort from Martin Prakkat had cleared these obstacles which eventually made the whole implementation faultless. Also, Martin Prakkat had effectively used the acting talents of the main actors especially the natural acting skills of Joju Gerogs was utilized genuinely. 

The newcomer Shahi Kabir who wrote the story and screenplay did a marvellous job. The story is something that everyone is familiar with but the process he had used to implement this simple story into a powerful screenplay was shocking and magical. The various events and incidents which comes across the movie were truly authentic and the incidents unfolded in the screenplay was also convincing. The dirty politics and methods used by the governing parties to save their political image were bravely brought out by the writer. The police officers behaving like watchdogs for politicians and also police officers having no choice to bury the actual truth and covering it up to save the governing bodies was brilliantly written by the writer Shahi Kabir. The shocking twist written for the climax was totally unexpected and the struggling situations for the central characters in the plot were having the right depth. The portrayal of emotions was also written legitimately, the screenplay was having the emotions of struggling, desperateness, betrayal, love, concern and parenthood so all these were written out appropriately to maintain the impact. Therefore as a newcomer, Shahi Kabir has done an extraordinary job of implementing a convincing script.

Looking into the performance, the movie consists of the casting of Kunchacko Boban, Joju George, Nimisha Sajayan, Jaffar Idukki, Anil Nedumangad and many newcomers. Kunchacko Boban as Praveen Micheal did a fine job. The performance was intense and the dialogue delivery was spontaneous. Joju Geroge as Maniyan ASI was also excellent, the performance winningly remarkable. A strong performance was seen in his whole performance, the diverge delivery on crucial scenes was presented authentically without any errors. The various expressions undermined on the struggling scenes were acted out perfectly. The combination scenes of Kunchacko Boban and Joju Geroge are one of the winning success and engaging factor of the film. The emotional scenes of Joju George were also sentimental. Nimisha Sajayan as Sunitha also did a notable performance. Her combination scene with both KSuperintendedban and Joju Geroge were having the real innocence and the struggling of her character was vividly setting the scenarios. Anil Nedumangad as the police officer and Jaffar Idukki as the chief minister appears with supporting roles and both did complete justice to their respective characters. The women who appeared as the Superintended of Police also did a surprising shining performance. 

Among the technical aspects, cinematography, editing and background score were striking into another level. The cinematography of Shyju Khalid was exceptional, the frames of the forest and visuals of high range places were captured accordingly. The camera movements for the action scenes and the chasing scenes were taken amazingly. The use of natural lighting techniques uses in high range places were effectively used also the lighting in darker night scenes were also favourable. The editing of Mahesh Narayanan was incredible, the cuts were matching without giving any mismatches in the viewing experience. The musical works by Vishnu Vijay and Akhil Alex had given the right feel and vibe for the film especially the background score. The background score by Akhil Alex was spectacular, as a thriller movie the background score stood predominantly high to maintain the thrilling mood. The background score was also helping to hold the engaging grasp and the right set of mood have given by the background scores according to each scene. 

So overall Nayattu had given me a satisfying experience of a realistic thriller. It’s a haunt that showcases the present reality of various politics which will be a treat to watch. The making and the performance from Joju Geroge, Kunchacko Boban and Nimisha Sajayan has the calibre to take every single viewer for a compelling and haunting cinematic experience. I will recommend the film Nayattu for those who wish to watch a realistic and thrilling movie, won’t disappoint anyone. 


• RATING: 4/5