Chandrayaan 2 in orbit

Pic : ISRO

Sriharikota: India’s prestigious Chandrayaan 2 has successfully entered orbit. The spacecraft was detached from the launch vehicle within 16 minutes of its launch. ISRO says Chandrayaan II’s trajectory is on the right track Authorities said. Chandrayaan-2 is composed of an orbiter orbiting the moon, a lander (Vikram) descending to the lunar surface, and an exploring rover (Pragyan). GSLV, nicknamed ‘Bahubali’, the Mark-3 rocket is the launch vehicle. A soft landing is a crucial step. It is descending slowly into the Moon’s orbit below. Vikram’s lander will then perform a soft landing to the lunar surface. This will be the 48th day of the spacecraft’s launch on September 7. Then the ‘Pragyan’ rover goes out for exploration.


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